Drama, Dance and Singing Classes in Bristol East MERGED - BRISTOL KEYNSHAM June 2015

Meet our Teachers

Principal - Olivia Kennard - BA (Hons) Performing Arts - Drama

Olivia began, like many children, dancing at the age of 4. A natural affinity for drama and performance meant that by the age of 11 she was member of three drama groups and by 16 was presenting and researching her own show on HTV West! This led to many years of freelance presenting through her 20's (after a completing a BA Hons in Performing Arts in London), later becoming the Live Presenter for the famous TOPSHOP Oxford Circus store in London, and was flown to various other events around Britain and Ireland. Live, studio TV work continued as she worked for SKY, Endemol and ITV Carlton, whilst also gaining experience at the BBC, and being photographed for adverts including Flake, T4 and HAPPY! magazine. Olivia later moved to Hong Kong where she worked as a voice artist and drama teacher, before moving home to Bristol and taking over Stagecoach in 2010.