What is the programme about?

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Further Stages Plus
The new programme has been created especially for students who want to explore the Performing Arts with more in-depth access to practical and professional opportunities in the creative industries. We're really proud of our Further Stages+ programme as it has been designed using insights from our own students, Principals and teachers. It's totally unique to us but most importantly, they will have fun whilst learning. 
We know that some students don't want more exams or written coursework on top of existing school work so this programme is designed to meet everyone's needs. We've partnered with Rock School Ltd. (RSL), the world's leading Contemporary Music and Performing Arts awarding body to link the programme to a Level 3 accreditation. This means that at the end of the two year period, this unique programme offers optional accreditation where students can achieve up to 28 Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) points (AS and A-Level equivalent). 

The programme includes networking opportunities with our premium partners so that students can benefit from experiences such as technical theatre workshop, set in a theatre, during a live show where they will have opportunity to meet, and learn from industry professionals.

Why choose the programme?

The programme is designed to give young people life skills, such as confidence, teamwork, public speaking and resilience, enabling them to thrive in the future. The skills developed through the programme can be used as evidence and give young people an advantage when applying to college, universities or a job. 
We'll support all students to develop personally and professionally, linking them to the best teaching and learning experiences in the classroom. 
What does it cover? 
Further Stages+ begins with a two-year programme for students who are 14 - 18 years old. This practical programme covers core skill development in the performing arts and allows students to focus on specialist projects linked to other areas in the creative industries. Over the two year programme, they will complete six project briefs:
+ A Devised Project
+ From Page to Stage
+ Creative Industries Part 1 
+ Rehearse, Perform, Reflect
+ The Audition 
+ Creative Industries Part 2 
Each project is delivered over one complete term.
This programme will allow students to explore a range of performance techniques, artists, and practitioners, developing their own creative approach as well as engaging with the wider creative industries sector; e.g. experiencing the role of a Director, a sound or lighting technician, stage management, solo performance scriptwriting with different audiences in mind (film, radio, television). 
How is it assessed? 
The programme is completely practical. Students will choose a mixture of video/photos/written notes to document this creative journey. They will be able to upload this digital documentation to their own portfolio online and share it with their teacher. Their portfolio of work can then be used as evidence for an RSL Level 3 Certificate in Creative and Performing Arts, assessed and verified by their Stagecoach teacher. 
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Further Stages Policies and Guidelines

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