How long do the parties last and how many Party Entertainers are needed?
Our themed parties run for two hours, or shorter if required. We can cater for up to 15 children with one party host and up to 30 children with additional party staff.
Our Murder Mystery Parties run for two and a half hours with one party entertainer. The maximum number of kids at these fun detective parties is 15.

Where can I have a Stagecoach party?
Most of our Party Providers can offer to host parties from their usual Stagecoach school bases which are always located in safe and secure venues.  If this is not possible, or what you require, we can come to your home or another venue of your choice.  We usually recommend a clear space of at least 7 x 7 meters (about 20ft) without obstacles or hazards. If the party is being held at home, any ornaments or breakable objects should be put out of reach. Stagecoach parties can also be run outside, weather permitting. Your Stagecoach Party Provider will work with you to create a memorable experience for your child and guests.

Can parents watch the party?
We would kindly request that only one or two adults be present in the party room as too many grown-ups can distract or inhibit the children. It would be helpful, therefore, if party guests parents either drop their child off or stay in an alternative room.  However, all parents are invited to watch and take part in the last 10 minutes of the party during which the children will show some of the party activities.
All our Stagecoach party hosts are DBS checked. They will run the party.  We ask that one adult (usually a parent or guardian of the child who is having the party) is on hand in the party room at all times.  He or she will be ultimately responsible for the wellbeing of the children attending the party.