Children and teens flourish while improving their singing, dancing and drama skills during our weekly Main Stages performing arts classes.

Our Main Stages students are aged six to 18 year-olds (split by age into smaller groups) and class activities vary week by week, meaning no Stagecoach session is the same! Students are encouraged to build and grow their skills as individuals and also work as a team with the rest of their class to create performances that parents/guardians are welcome to watch.
At Main Stages level, our students’ performing arts education covers: Testimonial-MS.png
  • Singing skills such as singing in harmony and composing their own melody lines
  • Dancing skills such as building a dance sequence and technique and devising own choreography
  • Acting skills such as developing character and working with scripts, plots and context of a story
Learning how to sing, dance and act is not the only way our students benefit. They also:
  • Build their confidence
  • Make new friends
  • Explore their creativity and expand their imagination
  • Build key life skills such as communication, reflective thinking skills, teamwork and resilience

Have a look at what our students get up to yourself.

Our classes explore different styles in music and dance, from musical theatre to street dance and invite students to explore the world of drama through role play, improvisation and performance.
That’s not all though, our Main Stages students and parents/guardians also enjoy:
  • End of term performances that parents/guardians are welcome to watch
  •  Regular reports to keep track of their child’s progress
  • Awards, medals and certificates to recognise their attendance and to reward our students for their achievements*
  • Performance opportunities in regional and West End venues as well as benefiting from our exciting partnerships with companies such as Disneyland Paris*
  • The chance to audition to be a part of our flagship Summer Showcase production (for students aged 9+)
*Available at selected schools, please speak to your local school Principal to learn what they offer 

Our schools operate with an Educational Framework that ensures all of our schools around the world deliver the same high quality performing arts education whilst also being flexible enabling each school to adapt and personalise their lessons to the needs of their students.

Book a two week trial

These fun and friendly performing arts classes operate during term time, out of school hours, and run for three hours each week. Each term runs for approximately 12 weeks.

A two week trial* costs £50 for Main Stages (6-18 year-olds) and lasts for three hours each week. If you wish to continue with Stagecoach after the trial is over, simply talk to your local Stagecoach Performing Arts School Principal.

For more information, please call customer services on 0800 915 0199 or contact your local Stagecoach school.
*The two week trial must be taken within the first four weeks of a Stagecoach term. The two weeks must be consecutive.
A 50% discount is available for each additional sibling in Main Stages.

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Childcare Vouchers and Tax-Free Childcare

Selected Stagecoach schools (excluding Wales and Scotland) accept Childcare Voucher and Tax-Free Childcare. To receive Tax-Free Childcare you will need to apply and set up an account. To find out more (and check eligibility) visit the Government website here.