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Students star in Ordeal by Innocence

June 26, 2018
Students star in Ordeal by Innocence
Hayden aged 8

Q. Tell us about the audition.
A. “It was in my back garden. I had to pretend I was playing chase with my friends. I also had to smile and look at the camera.”

Q. Was there a lot to learn?
A. “I didn’t have any lines, but I did have to shout out people’s names.”

Q. What did you like best about working on this production?
A. “I got to be on TV and everyone was really kind.”

Q. How did you fit in the filming?
A. “Some filming was after school and some of it was in the holidays, but I did miss a bit of school.”

Q. What did you get up to between scenes and takes?
A. “We would go to a room and have some sweets, or if we were filming in the woods, we would go to a caravan and wait there – but there were sweets there too!”

Q. What were the other children like?
A. “I knew one of the others, because she’s at Stagecoach too. The rest were really fun and kind to me, because I was the little one.”

Q. What about the film crew?
A. “I loved everyone I was working with. They were all so helpful and really nice. If we got something wrong, they would just say, ‘Nice try. Can we go over that again?’.”

Q. You’ve done a TV commercial for the People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals charity. Tell us the best bit of that.
A. “I got to work with a dog, which is my favourite animal.”

Q. Do you have anything else in the pipeline?
A. “I’ve auditioned for a CBBC show, but haven’t heard yet.”

Q. What’s been the best thing about going to Stagecoach?
“I’ve learned to express myself while having fun and it’s also helped me make new friends. It’s a lot of fun!”

Q. How do you think going to Stagecoach helped you get the part of Young Hester Ordeal by Innocence?
A. “They prepared me quite well for the role, gave me lots of confidence and helped me believe I could do it.”

Q. Any tips for other young performers?
A. “Have lots of energy, but most of all enjoy the experience and have lots of fun. It’s a really great experience.”

Luke, aged 9

“My favourite is doing drama and performing in the shows we do – I’ve done eight or nine. Stagecoach has given me loads of confidence and preparation for the audition for the TV programme.

“The filming was great fun. I got to meet Bill Nighy [one of the adult stars], which was really cool, and I loved having my own trailer and my 1940s costume – and getting my hair dyed black.

“As Young Jack, I had to give my TV mum dirty looks, because in the show she’s not very nice.”