The Diploma in Teaching Performing Arts


For performing arts professionals looking to develop skills in teaching children and young people and gain an Internationally recognised qualification.

It’s not unusual for a young person’s dedication for the performing arts to have grown out of one teacher’s influence. We have seen many inspirational teachers whose passion and energy have set their subject alight for their students in a life-changing way.


Children and young people deserve the best possible teaching we can give them in order to discover that learning is fun, that learning is great and that a passion for the performing arts can last a lifetime! This is why we have set up this unique teaching developmental programme specifically aimed at performing arts professionals.

The Diploma in Teaching Performing Arts, is aimed at performing arts professionals looking to develop skills in teaching children and young people. This course is run by Trafalgar Education and facilitated by Stagecoach. This is an RSL accredited course, with the Level 4 Diploma qualification being equivalent to a first-year undergraduate degree.  

The Diploma Programme covers: 

Understanding Learning
Inclusive Learning: Case Study
Planning, Facilitating & Evaluating Learning

Assessment: Case Study

The course is split into two parts. Between this time, students will be applying your learning into teaching practice. This is a coursework assessed course only, which means no exams!

Contributions from Dr Carrie Grant MBE (hc) and David Grant MBE

Our mission is to see inclusion at every level of our society, none left behind, all purposeful and prospering, everyone valued for who they are and what they bring, regardless of difference.

"We are hugely excited to be working with Trafalgar Education and Stagecoach. Their initiatives for inclusion are at the centre of their thinking and forward-planning and their desire to get it right is just the mindset required to make this happen."



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