Stagecoach Guildford

Welcome to Stagecoach Guildford where we provide quality part-time training in the performing arts for children aged 4-18 years. Our aim is to nurture and develop young potential through our singing, acting and dance classes in Guildford. Stretching young imaginations and helping to develop confidence, physical awareness, communication and articulation - as well as being educational and fun! All of this takes place in a safe, happy, friendly and fun filled environment led by a team of experienced teachers. Our aim is to help each child reach their individual goals whilst building their confidence and unleashing their creativity. Open every weekend during term time and workshops during the school holidays, come join the fun at Bushy Hill Junior School.

Principal Nikky Watts

Your child is in safe hands. All of our Team are Enhanced DBS checked.


Jazz Shoe Order Link

In order to give you the best possible experience and assortment of Jazz shoes, Stagecoach now has its own unique online shoe store which is part of the dancewear specialist - Mydancestore. Simply click the button below and it will take you straight there. Please do follow the supplier’s advice when choosing the shoe size. Happy shopping!


Congratulations to all of our students who have recently signed with agencies! We now have students represented by AKT management, Stellar Management, Happy Feet, Daisy Dukes and more! We can't wait to see you all off at auditions and showing the world your talent!

Early Stages Show!

Last term our Early Stages did SUCH an incredible job of their SHOW TERM! We are proud of every student who took part and they were all so confident and brave. They performed in a full theatre with costumes , lights, make-up and photography! Congratulations to all the Early Stages Students.

Weekly Classes

Early Stages (for ages 4-6 yrs)

Stagecoach Early Stages
Early Stages classes run alongside the main Stagecoach schools, where young people learn skills in each of the three Musical Theatre disciplines of singing, dancing & drama, so it is an easy step when it is time to transfer to the next stage.

(90 minutes each week)

Main Stages (for ages 6-18 yrs)

Stagecoach Main Stages
Main Stages classes are split in three age appropriate groups, where young people learn new skills in each of the complementary Musical Theatre disciplines of singing, dancing & drama. We nurture the shy and apprehensive, until they find their feet and voice, whilst at the same time developing and channelling those with bundles of talent, confidence and energy. We believe in the potential of every child!

(3 hrs each week)

Further Stages (for ages 15+ yrs)

Stagecoach Further Stages
Our advanced musical theatre sessions give talented students the chance to extend their performance skills.  Through in-depth training and master classes, we help students to hone their skills in singing, dancing and acting.  We also give students the confidence to audition for theatre and vocational drama schools (if that is their goal) and make sure they are well prepared for interviews and auditions. 

Fees in accordance with Main Stages.

Holiday Workshops

Meet The Team

Principal - Nikky Watts

Nikky’s love for performing arts began at an early age with an initial love for dance and later evolving into a love for singing and acting also. This led her on to achieving up to grade 8 in both Acting and Musical Theatre LAMDA exams, as well as appearing on stage with not one but two Musical Theatre Societies. Having studied singing, dancing and acting on both an educational and practical level this led Nikky to study Musical Theatre professionally at Performance Preparation Academy (PPA) in Guildford - a highly accredited Drama School in the UK.


After performing professionally and teaching alongside these commitments it became evident that Nikky’s real passion lies with helping children reach their potential and building self- confidence through the arts. Having taught Early Stages, Singing, Dancing and Drama at Stagecoach over a span of 4 years, the time came for Nikky to have a school to nurture and develop of her own. Nikky believes that Stagecoach is a safe place for all children where they can come and truly be themselves. We teach them valuable life lessons that get lost in the school system and it will be a place of acceptance where everyone feels comfortable. Every child is on a different journey, some children leave Stagecoach wanting to further their career in the arts and some children move on to new carers and prospects, but Nikky and her Team ensure all Stagecoach Farnborough children leave confident, happy and strong

Nikky also runs Stagecoach Farnborough. 

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