Stagecoach Finchley Central & Mill Hill East

A very warm welcome to Stagecoach Finchley Central which opened it's doors at the start of this academic year (September 2022) when Principal Mara and Manager Katie closed the London jigsaw with the last two remaining Stagecoach schools in North London. They say ‘Our aim at Stagecoach Finchley, is to support the Stagecoach ethos providing our students with ‘Creative Courage For Life’. Our classes run alongside the school calendar and offer a place where young people can connect with like minded individuals, who share their passion for performing and want to explore three disciplines (Acting, Singing and Dancing). Class sizes are small to ensure that teachers can give all individuals the attention and support that they deserve, offering the best possible training to our students. We strive to utilise students' unique talents, build up their bravery and provide them with the tools they need to be their authentic selves.’
Stagecoach Finchley Central offers training for 2-16year olds with Mini Stages, Early Stages and Main Stages classes, as well as termly Industry Workshops and bespoke Themed and Murder Mystery Parties. 
Having been a student and then a teacher at Stagecoach Performing Arts, Principal Mara loves the platform it offers for young people to grow in confidence while developing transferable life skills, through the arts. 

Principal Mara Elias-Philippou

Your child is in safe hands. All of our Team are Enhanced DBS checked.



Sign up for two weeks of Sunday FUN and discover the power of the Performing Arts through our exceptional Acting, Singing & Dancing classes. Ignite your imagination, hit new beats, learn new moves and take to the stage! ★ £25 for Early Stages (4-6 years) & £50 for Main Stages (6+ years) ★


LAMDA lessons offer students one to one speech and language training where they grow in both skill and confidence. Each year students will work towards a graded examination which are Ofqual recognised. The higher grades provide students with invaluable UCAS points for future university or college applications. Email for further details.


Get your Stagecoach uniform from our trusty online website... Just add, Stagecoach Finchley Central as your school and shop away. Get your jazz shoes on Amazon and kick start the weekend with your happy feet!


This summer, Stagecoach Finchley Central is launching a one off, one week workshop for young Performing Arts pros where they will learn to be masters of their craft. The Arts Industry needs more than just triple threats, it needs brave creatives. This workshop offers a platform for young performers to; write, produce and perform in a bespoke show.

Professional Work Advice

The Arts Industry is constantly evolving, with a sea of teachers and friends successfully working in the industry we are always happy to help if anyone is seeking professional advice on how to enter the industry. From Equity membership, to Spotlight castings and Agency meeting we are here to help guide you.

Weekly Classes

Mini Stages (for ages 2-4 yrs)

Mini Stages
Stagecoach Mini Stages (for 2 -4 year olds) 45 Minute Classes are a fun and exciting way for you and your child to actively experience the performing arts in a comfortable, relaxed and safe environment.

Early Stages (for ages 4-6 yrs)

Stagecoach Early Stages
Early Stages classes run alongside the main Stagecoach schools, where young people learn skills in each of the three Musical Theatre disciplines of singing, dancing & drama, so it is an easy step when it is time to transfer to the next stage.

(90 minutes each week)

Main Stages (for ages 6-18 yrs)

Stagecoach Main Stages
Main Stages classes are split in three age appropriate groups, where young people learn new skills in each of the complementary Musical Theatre disciplines of singing, dancing & drama. We nurture the shy and apprehensive, until they find their feet and voice, whilst at the same time developing and channelling those with bundles of talent, confidence and energy. We believe in the potential of every child!

(3 hrs each week)

Further Stages (for ages 15+ yrs)

Stagecoach Further Stages
Our advanced musical theatre sessions give talented students the chance to extend their performance skills.  Through in-depth training and master classes, we help students to hone their skills in singing, dancing and acting.  We also give students the confidence to audition for theatre and vocational drama schools (if that is their goal) and make sure they are well prepared for interviews and auditions. 

Fees in accordance with Main Stages.

Holiday Workshops

Themed Children's Parties

Birthdays & Celebrations

We understand that with the increasing demands on parents, juggling the pressures of work and family life, time is of the essence. Therefore Stagecoach Parties provide a way to remove the stress from what should be a day of celebration for everyone and allow you to sit back, relax and let us do all the work! Whether they want to be fairies, pirates or detectives, there is a Stagecoach Party for everyone!

Meet The Team

Principals - Mara Elias-Philippou

Stagecoach holds a special place in Mara’s heart, as she attended her local Stagecoach as a painfully shy six year old who lacked the courage to communicate. When spoken to she would blush and sheepishly whisper a response in her mother's ear to be voiced. Stagecoach gave Mara 'creative courage for life' and showed her that Urserla did not have hold of her tongue, as she feared being a fan of the Little Mermaid.

Mara completed a BA hons at ArtsEd and a QTS from the Institute of Education, before working with some of the most prestigious companies in the industry as an actor, assistant director and acting coach, while delivering multiple high profile teaching roles such as, Head of Drama, Head of KS3 and High Performance Learning Co-ordinator. Mara’s interest in human behaviour inspired her expressive arts therapy training, which she utilised when she taught voluntarily for Crisis, CleanBreak and Rwanda Aid. In her decade of service to education it is clear that her passion for the arts is equally weighted with teaching and learning. And, as the Principal of Stagecoach Finchley Central, Mara aims to inspire and endorse positive change. 

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