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Charity Gala featuring the Creative Courage For Life Awards in support of YoungMinds

November 01, 2019
Charity Gala featuring the Creative Courage For Life Awards in support of YoungMinds

On 1st December 2019, we are returning to Shaftesbury Theatre for our sixth annual Charity Gala where we celebrate the collective talent from within the Stagecoach Performing Arts community, and in support of our nominated charity of the year, YoungMinds. For the second consecutive year, the Charity Gala will feature the Creative Courage for Life Awards.

The Charity Gala is the biggest event on our annual calendar, showcasing the very best performances from our schools. The performances are selected from our regional events taking place throughout the year. Alongside our schools, we will also showcase one-off performances from special guests.
Funds raised on the night will go to our chairty partner YoungMinds to help them to work towards a future where all young minds are supported and empowered, whatever the challenges. 
The iconic West End venue, currently playing host to & Juliet will host the ‘Creative Courage For Life Awards’ with 12 awards to showcase the exciting expressive talent from our students whilst also recognising the outstanding talents of our wonderful expert teachers.
The awards are based around the three main disciplines of singing, dancing and drama as well as looking at the wider life skill accomplishments of our students by including Creative Courage and Overcoming Diversity. We have received hundreds of entries from our students worldwide and nominees include UK, Germany, Canada, and Australia.
Sarah Kelly, CEO of Stagecoach Performing Arts, said, “Our annual Charity Gala is always a special event, with students, teachers and principals gathering from around the Stagecoach world to celebrate by showcasing their creative learning and skills that they have developed by presenting outstanding on-stage performances. We believe the CCFL award ceremony and our partnership with YoungMinds has inspired our students to feel empowered and supported to gain the confidence to go forward and accomplish on the stage of life. YoungMinds’ mission to make sure all young people have the resilience to overcome life’s challenges sits alongside our own aim to instil our students with ‘Creative Courage For Life’.
Sam Barry, Senior Corporate Fundraising Officer at Young Minds, said, “Our partnership with Stagecoach Performing Arts this year has allowed us to engage with a network of children and young people who are exceptionally talented and motivated. This latest effort to raise funds for our services will provide us with some of the additional funds needed to support young people who are struggling with their mental wellbeing and we are grateful to Stagecoach for their ongoing commitment to supporting our cause.”

The 2019 Award Nominations are:

Outstanding Actor Aged 7-12

Tate T. -  Stagecoach Guildford Perth Australia 
Lennon A. - Stagecoach Bicester
Tiago G. - Stagecoach Andover 
Jonathan B. - Stagecoach Plymouth 

Outstanding Actor Aged 13+

Marie V F. - Stagecoach Frankfurt North 
Teagan L. - Stagecoach Plymouth
Ella S. - Stagecoach Oakville & Mississauga Canada
Kieran H. - Stagecoach Fleet 

Outstanding Dancer Aged 7-12 

Sophie C. - Coleshill
Olivia I. - Stagecoach Halifax
Mirianna M. - Stagecoach Malta
Adam K. - Stagecoach Battersea & Balham 

Outstanding Dancer Aged 13+

Ishani M. - Stagecoach Uxbridge
Daniel E. - Stagecoach Medway
Troy P. - Stagecoach Plymouth
Zoe D. - Stagecoach Edinburgh

Outstanding Singer Aged 7-12 

Elliot B. - Stagecoach Twickenham
Olivia B. - Stagecoach Sheffield
Grace M. - Stagecoach Northwich
Aimée R. - Stagecoach Colchester 

Outstanding Singer Aged 13+

Eleanor M. - Medway
Lily S. - Stagecoach Cirencester 
Martina G L. - Stagecoach Malta 
Scarlett H. - Stagecoach Reading East 

Outstanding Drama Teacher   

Kathrin Maier Stagecoach Wiesbaden
Lindsay Hardings Stagecoach Braintree
Jessica Messenger - Stagecoach Perth
Kim Williams Stagecoach Wokingham

Outstanding Dance Teacher 

Mya Roberts Stagecoach Cirencester 
Aoife Hosford Stagecoach Stanmore
Michelle Pentecost - Stagecoach Bath 
Keilee Sharkey - Stagecoach Oxford Summertown

Outstanding Singing Teacher  

Kat Hitti - Stagecoach Wokingham
Karl Montgomery Williams Stagecoach Trowbridge
Flynn Sturgeon Stagecoach Twickenham
Alex Oliver Stagecoach Bristol Keynsham

Outstanding Alumni 

Emmet Carroll Stagecoach Uxbridge
Shak Gabbidon Williams Stagecoach Oxford
Ben Mansbridge Stagecoach Chorleywood

Overcoming Diversity

Elinor H.  - Stagecoach Leamington 
Rohan H. - Stagecoach Stanmore
Ebony B. - Stagecoach Bath 

Creative Courage For Life  

Amir S. - Stagecoach Stanmore 
Kirsty F. - Stagecoach Sudbury
Katie W. - Stagecoach Twickenham

For details on how to nominate for 2020's awards, please contact your Principal.