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Meet Sebastian Croft

August 05, 2019
Meet Sebastian Croft

Sebastian Croft, 18, is starring in Horrible Histories: the Movie, which opens across the country Friday 26 July. He plays Atti, a clever Roman teenager who makes the mistake of annoying Emperor Nero and, as punishment, gets sent to Britain. Ewww! Poor guy… (kidding!)

Sebastian went to Stagecoach Abingdon and loved it. Here’s a taster of the interview which will appear in full in the autumn issue of your Performer magazine.

“My teacher at Stagecoach Abingdon was Julia Howson. She’s the reason I got started in this industry. 

“I got my first professional job through the Stagecoach Agency, which was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. I was seven and it was the touring production and when it came to Oxford I was in it. That was the start of it all.”

I play Atti in Horrible Histories. Hes very much the brains and not the brawn. Hes very clever but misunderstood. He gets sent off to England, which is meant to be a punishment, and hes kept prisoner by the Celtic princess Orla, but eventually they become great friends.

It was my first comedy and it was definitely a big challenge, but I really enjoyed it.

One of Sebastian’s great tips!

“Performing is an industry where being different and not being the norm is celebrated. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the perfect this or that – you can make your own path.”