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Stagecoach Students Perform Once Again at The Shaftesbury Theatre

October 15, 2021
Stagecoach Students Perform Once Again at The Shaftesbury Theatre
Throughout the year, Stagecoach students are given the amazing opportunity to perform at some of the UK's most famous theatres.  This year, ten of our schools are joining us to perform at the Shaftesbury Theatre.
The Shaftesbury Theatre is home to the Shakespeare musical & Juliet which reopened last month. Our Shaftesbury Theatre events are organised by our in-house Events team. Many of our schools were scheduled to perform there back in 2020 and early 2021, however all dates were cancelled due to the pandemic. Last Sunday, ten Stagecoach schools made a triumphant return, performing to a live audience.

Angharad Walter, Principal of Stagecoach Cambridge was delighted to see her students performing once again. “Throughout the rehearsals it’s been clear to see that the students have missed rehearsing for a live performance. On Sunday the excitement that exudes from them as soon as they get on to the stage reaches those even at the back of the dress circle.”

Our students are very familiar with the Shaftesbury Theatre. Eleven of our schools took part in a test event in May 2021 in partnership with the theatre, to work out how to reopen the venue safely.
Our students are so happy to be able to have their friends and families watching them perform again. 
Colleen Foster, Principal of Stagecoach Ashford had two groups performing on Sunday
“Both of our performances were studied in class and used in a performance on the last day of the summer term but without an audience. We were all disappointed not to have our usual enthusiastic audience to encourage the students so now at last parents will get to see them perform!”

Also attending the event was Laura Morris, Principal of Stagecoach Carmarthen. “It was really a special day for all involved and it was an emotional day seeing all of the wonderful young performers doing what they love altogether once again.”

At Stagecoach we provide as many of our students as possible with performing opportunities at high profile West End theatres, in regional venues and at global showcases,
The schools that performed on the day were - 
To find your local school and get your child performing visit our website here.