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Stagecoach Student Lands Role in Disney’s New Cruella Film

November 03, 2021
Stagecoach Student Lands Role in Disney’s New Cruella Film
Dylan has been a student at Stagecoach Newbury since he was seven-years-old. He was offered the chance to audition for a part in a new Disney film through his agency. Dylan is no stranger to acting work: he has appeared in a number of student short films, was part of the two week workshop for the RSC production of The Boy in the Dress and appeared in panto in his local town before landing the role in Disney's villain film Cruella

Dylan plays the role of Mean Ginger and when we spoke to him about this amazing opportunity he took us through his audition process. 
He was invited to audition for a new disney film with no idea what the film was going to be about at the time. He was later informed it was Cruella, a new Disney villain film about Cruella de Vil. Dylan was lucky to have been offered in-person auditions for this part. The first was with the casting director and production assistant for which he read through part of the script for them. He was then asked to return for a second interview where he met with the director Craig Gillespie (I, Tonya, The Finest Hours).

Filming took place on location in an old school and he got to visit Shepperton Studios in Surrey twice for wardrobe. Dylan was on set for two days, even missing his first day of secondary school. He didn't get to meet any of the adult cast that day, however, there were over 200 people on set and the atmosphere was buzzing. It was an amazing experience for Dylan and he had a great time with his fellow actors. One particularly memorable (and funny) incident was during the filming of a dodgeball sequence for which a ball was thrown at Dylan more than 100 times just to get the right camera shot.


We asked Dylan if he had any advice for others trying to break into the industry. Just have a go and try to go on as many open auditions as possible, work your way up through experience and always have fun!
Dylan said that the skills taught at Stagecoach (and in particular, by his Drama teacher Carrie Jones-Hinton) helped him prepare for auditions, and what to expect on the day.

Dylan plans to attend auditions set up by his agent whilst continuing to develop his acting, singing and dancing skills at his weekly Stagecoach classes. He is thinking of a career behind the camera working on sound and lighting. Having been in front of the camera he has so much respect for all the work that goes on when making a film. 
Stagecoach Newbury Principal Jenny Unthank said ‘We were all thrilled for Dylan and couldn't wait to see him on the big screen. The hardest thing was waiting two years to see him because of Covid! I thought I would burst with pride when he came on screen!’
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