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Benefits of the online learning

November 24, 2020
Benefits of the online learning

Online learning has been a staple for most children in 2020. With the UK  back into lockdown, we looked at the advantages of online learning through pre-recorded and live face-to-face classes. Take a look at the top five advantages of online learning. 

1. Adaptability 

During the lockdown, all of their usual classes can still be achieved online. It is a fantastic alternative to the in-person class. Children are extremely adaptable and you’d be surprised at the vast amounts of knowledge that they can absorb. Seeing their teacher online might seem alien at first, but they quickly adapt to this temporary reality. 

2. Flexibility 

Pre-recorded online classes, such as those at, can be accessed 24/7 across multiple devices, giving children an even greater freedom on when and how they want to engage. Different lengths of classes allow children to engage for a shorter period of time, enabling them to have time for other extracurricular activities, homework, or to pursue other interests. 

3. Self-paced learning 

One of the greatest benefits of online classes is undoubtedly flexibility of self-paced learning. Students can complete the classes when it suits them. Self-paced learning enables children more freedom, convenience and flexibility which in itself, can have a positive impact on the overall learning. Self-paced learning helps to alleviate pressure of learning in a specific time frame that children can feel when attending in-person classes. At the same time, it allows for continuous learning which aids consistency and helping children’s development.    

4. Safe Learning Environment

Learning from the comfort of your home adds an element of safety to the learning process and allows children to express themselves more openly than they would in a classroom. “Quieter students really came out of themselves and went for it online, especially in singing, because no one could hear them”, says Clare Gosling, Principal of Stagecoach High Wycombe. This applies to the live and streamed online classes. Learning in a safe environment gives children confidence to be themselves and enjoy a different type of learning experience. Kate Davies, Principal of Stagecoach Cardiff says, “Some of the shyer kids really gained confidence online and when we came back to classes, you could really see the difference.”. 

5. Belonging

The live online classes bring the children and teachers together in a virtual environment whilst still giving children a sense of belonging and encouraging the community spirit. Many Stagecoach Principles have noticed some children display different skills in live classes which they haven’t demonstrated previously. ‘Online, I could see things in people I hadn’t noticed before. Small groups meant more individual attention.’, said Sarah Chitty, Principal of Stagecoach Twickenham, Teddington and Camberley.
Stagecoach live classes on Zoom have been replacing in-person classes during the lockdown and have since, been widely accepted by students and their parents. 
Parent of a Stagecoach student said:

I just wanted to feedback how brilliantly I thought the Zoom session worked this morning. I confess I was a little bit sceptical about how successful it would be, but it sounded like the teachers had given a lot of thought as to how they would run the sessions and it paid off.  Please thank the teachers for me, and to you for making this work at a time when the children really need things like this more than ever!” 

These Zoom classes not only help children to continue their Stagecoach learning but also enable them to see their Stagecoach teachers and friends. Stagecoach students have been incredibly committed in their desire to continue their learning at home. Some have chosen to learn with the pre-recorded classes at, giving them the opportunity to also take advantage of the extras by industry professionals such as top tips and masterclasses.  Something for children to really get their teeth into!
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