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Our Charity Partner YoungMinds

November 14, 2019
Our Charity Partner YoungMinds
We are proud to be continuing our support of our charity partner YoungMinds. YoungMinds are the UK’s leading charity fighting for children and young people's mental health.

“Young people today face a huge range of pressures,” says Nick Harrop, from YoungMinds. “We know that about half of lifetime mental health problems emerge before the age of 14, so it’s really important to start the conversation early with children and encourage them to ask for help if they need it.”

Socialising with friends and family, taking part in hobbies, exercising and having time away from screens are some of the ways to relax and look after your mental wellbeing.
Performing arts create a safe haven for children to explore who they are as individuals. At Stagecoach, we provide an opportunity for children to be open and expressive, imaginative and sociable in a safe and supportive environment.  
Each year, we invite students from our schools all over the world to perform at our Charity Gala in support of YoungMinds. Our Charity Gala features the Creative Courage For Life Awards to celebrate the achievements of our students and our teachers. 
Stagecoach is supporting YoungMinds as they work to change government policies, educate professionals working with children, including our teachers and principals. Along with running a 24/7 parent helpline and website for information.
“We want to get rid of the stigma surrounding mental health and bring it into the everyday. Getting together with Stagecoach means we can reach lots more children with the message that looking after your mental health is an important part of life.”, says Nick.
Attending a weekly Stagecoach class is a great opportunity for children to relax, where they can build their self-confidence and develop a set of friends that might be separate from school life. Giving children the opportunity to focus on something other than schoolwork or homelife and to just have fun, is beneficial for well being and mental health. 
Our fantastic Stagecoach Principals and teachers get to know the children who come to their classes in a different way than their school teachers, parents or carers do. “They become another trusted adult to talk to if things get tough,” says Nick. “Having a network of supportive adults in a child’s life is another key to good mental health.”
Ultimately, part of growing up is developing resilience to life’s knocks, which is something YoungMinds takes very seriously. Our classes teach how to give and receive feedback, developing resilience in children which they will benefit from through all stages of their lives.  Whether it be missing a note or forgetting their steps in a dance routine, they learn that it’s okay to make mistakes and learn from them. We teach our students to never give up, even when they fail or feel like they aren’t improving. 
If you’re struggling to deal with things, or you think you know someone who is; find help and support at 
You can donate to YoungMinds through our just giving page.