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Stagecoach Students appear in BBC film about Climate Change

March 04, 2022
Stagecoach Students appear in BBC film about Climate Change
Back in October 2021, Principal Amber-Rose May from Stagecoach Bearsted were approached about featuring the school's students in a documentary from BBC Storyworks called Humanising Energy.
Humanising Energy is a documentary made to empower audiences to engage in conversation about the future of energy, transforming intangible technical innovation into compelling, human-centric stories. The film will be shown on the dedicated Humanising Energy series hub site within the commercial section of the platform. It will be promoted via BBC StoryWorks social media channels and via the owned and operated platforms of the World Energy Council
Florence (one of the school's students) will be the ‘human’ story in this mini-style documentary. We see her showcasing her role in purchasing solar cells which are then transformed into solar panels to be implemented in a school in South Africa.

Florence introduces The Sun Exchange project which is a crowd-based solar cell leasing programme where solar cells can then be added to panels and be used on shop rooves, schools and other high-use buildings. Florence feels so passionately about this project that she gave up some of her own pocket money to help fund it. In the film, we are taken to a school in Cape Town South Africa where their donated solar cells are helping with the electrical running costs of a school. 
What makes this filming even more special is that the school is using the theme of climate change for the end-of-term show. 
Amber-Rose May Principal of the school commented, 
“Rise Up, our end-of-term show was inspired by the students themselves and worked well as a theme. We are taken on a musical journey whereby a group of students take climate change into their own hands. ‘We can make a change in more ways than one’. We meet the animals in the jungle, the children at school, the communities across the world and the politicians. By standing up and making their voices heard, they vote for change and collectively make a huge impact on the future of the world!” 
On the day of filming, the crew took shots of the students performing a dance routine before interviewing Florence at the school and then at home with her dad. 
Amber-Rose said “Our students had such a good time with the filming crew and enjoyed seeing what’s is involved in the filming proccess. As a school, we are very passionate about climate change and it was a lovely connection that we were chosen to appear in the film.”  

The film can be seen here.
Introducing The Sun Exchange Future Generations campaign! Watch our film, part of the World Energy Council #HumanisingEnergy series, to see how our global community is driving the clean energy transition to ensure a healthy planet for future generations.