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Performing Together While Apart Canadian Online Showcase 2021

March 25, 2021
Performing Together While Apart Canadian Online Showcase 2021

Stagecoach caught up with 2 Canadian schools taking part in the event. The first school was Stagecoach Mississauga and Oakville, Ontario with Principal Tosha Doiron. The second was Stagecoach Halifax in Nova Scotia with new Principal Kristi Wenaus.


Some of the Stagecoach schools in Canada have also had the luxury of going back to the venue. Luckily, Stagecoach Halifax was one of them and students were able to rehearse together.


For Halifax’s chosen presentation, students performed a piece from the Disney movie, Moana, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.


“Sitting at the edge of the ocean, Stagecoach Halifax's students and teachers are inspired daily by the power and strength of the sea and are equally calmed by the sense of community that it creates. 

We are all facing challenges every day and Stagecoach Halifax's students know that encouragement from their teachers, friends and loved ones is a powerful motivation to keep them going, especially through these difficult times. Like the lead character in their performance, when they find their courage and embrace what they are destined to do, they will fulfil their greatest potential!,” said Kristi about their choice of music.


This was Stagecoach Halifax's first year participating in the national showcase.

 “I know there is great value in performing together in person but this online showcase allows our students to be a part of something bigger than themselves and it has been a wonderful experience so far.,” said Kristi.



"We may be indoors, we may be outside, we may go on zoom, come along for the ride!,”
said Tosha Doiron


Stagecoach Mississauga and Oakville have four schools performing in this year's National Showcase and all their rehearsals were done completely on Zoom.


Their presentation pieces are drawn from the musicals Waitress, Dear Evan Hansen and In The Heights.


“We found so many parallels to our own current circumstances and staged them with that in mind to make it extra special. For example,  in the song "Opening Up" from Waitress, the line is “every day looks exactly the same" and "days like these, we can only do the best we can" were particularly meaningful to our Further Stages students in lockdown.,” said Tosha on hers, and students' choice of musicals. 


The Oakville Main Stages students found hope in lines from Dear Evan Hansen such as "Out of darkness, the morning is breaking and all is new, all is new".  



Aside from their individual school performances, all Stagecoach students performed two songs together, Lean on Me and Over the Rainbow as a group. The students' performances were to express their feelings over the last 12 months. 


Congratulations to all the schools that took part in the Candian Online Showcase 2021. 


Stagecoach Mississauga and Oakville

Stagecoach Halifax

Stagecoach Milton and Burlington 

Stagecoach Vancouver North Shore

Stagecoach Toronto East 


View the short clip from their performance. 


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