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Stagecoach Students take inspiration from James Bond

March 10, 2020
Stagecoach Students take inspiration from James Bond

For the spring term at Stagecoach Farringdon, they have taken inspiration from the James Bond movies. Students have been learning all things spy, from musical numbers to combat training workshops.
Students also took part in a special effects prosthetics make-up workshop led by industry Professional Zoe Pratt. 
Zoe guided the students step by step to create realistic injuries, 
"It was really fun to learn how to apply the makeup, it looked so real!" Student Jade


During the workshop students learnt to make two pieces of special effects makeup, they worked to create a bullet wound on their arms using scar wax and fake blood. 
They also worked on simulating a cut on the back of their hands. For this they used latex and fake blood as well as loose powder and eyeshadow to create the effect of the wound.
"I loved it! I felt like I had stepped straight out of a movie!" Student Martim
Stagecoach students found the special effects makeup workshop fascinating, learning how to produce effects used in the industry.
"My favourite part was tricking my mum when she came to pick me up! This workshop was really fun and fitted into our spies and Bond term perfectly!" Student Ava 

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