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Carrie & David Grant Talk to Stagecoach

June 26, 2018
Carrie & David Grant Talk to Stagecoach
Husband and wife team Carrie and David Grant are familiar faces on TV, with Carrie reporting regularly on The One Show, David presenting Songs of Praise and both being vocal coaches on Pop Idol, Fame Academy and Glee Club.

They are highly respected throughout the music business and have had numerous hits. They’ve sung with or coached music’s biggest names, including Diana Ross, The Spice Girls, Take That, The Saturdays and Demi Lovato, to name just a few from a long list.

Their awards include a MOBO for their gospel album, a BAFTA for Glee Club, a BASCA (British Association of Songwriters and Composers Award) for services to music and an honorary degree. Besides this, they write bestselling books, do business coaching and a lot for charity.

They’re clearly a busy couple, but Carrie very generously gave us some of her time…

Carrie, how did you get started?
“I started dancing at two and my first job was dancing on Top of The Pops at 16. I then represented the UK at Eurovision and was a presenter on children’s TV. I met David through interviewing him.
“I really learned my craft as a backing singer though. They are the true craftspeople of the singing world, as they can adjust their voices hundreds of different ways to blend with anyone.
“David started as a journalist and worked in Island Records’ press office while making his own music. He took his band Linx’s recording to Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis, who loved it. It was the first of several big hits.”

What are you most proud of?
“I’m proud our vocal coaching books are bestsellers and awards are always lovely, but I also love the little life-changing moments – hearing the phone ring, picking it up and hearing, ‘Hello, it’s Melanie B from The Spice Girls’. I still get excited today.”

What’s left for you to accomplish?
“I’d like to do a memoir-type book and I’ve still got musical ambitions, especially working with David. He’s working with new artists, so his ambitions are around writing new music, producing and launching careers.
“We’ve also been helping children with hidden disabilities, particularly girls with autism, so Stagecoach’s adopted charity, YoungMinds, is dear to our hearts. The creative arts are so often the tonic that gets young people through.”

What’s your advice for young people?
“Hone your craft for a long-term career and develop your unique identity. Natural talent only gets you so far. Be professional – arrive on time, listen and be nice. How nice you’ve been on the way up dictates how much help you get on the way down!”