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A Day in the Life of Stagecoach Student

July 15, 2022
A Day in the Life of Stagecoach Student
Here at Stagecoach HQ, we recently had two students from Stagecoach Woking join us for a week of work experience. Whilst in the office, Emily wrote about a day in the life of a Stagecoach student.
Normally I wake up at seven and put on my Stagecoach uniform ready for the day. Then I pack my bag with snacks and a drink to keep me going for the day as well as any scripts that I may need. Then I pick up my friend Maddie at 8:45 and head off to Stagecoach Woking, we wait for our other friends outside before going in. We arrive 45 minutes before Main Stage students arrive as we have an extra dance rehearsal with Chase our dance troupe teacher before the main Stagecoach classes begin. Once we have finished that, for the next two hours we help out with Main Stages classes (mainly dance) before going to Further Stages at 12 o'clock.
To start off our class we begin with Principal Grant taking the register. As Further Stages students, we have the same teacher for all three disciplines. We do 15-minute dance and singing warm-ups to get us ready to rehearse our three musical theatre numbers from our three chosen musicals. At around 1:30, we have a break for 15 minutes to have our snacks and time to socialise with our friends before going back into class and continuing rehearsal.
In our numbers, we do all three disciplines at the same time. For example, during our piece from Chicago (We Both Reached For The Gun), we firstly all learnt the dance, song and dialogue separately so that later on we could merge all the pieces together. Then, we could add elements to make it better for the showcase after that.

Our current teacher Ruby has helped us through this summer term to get our pieces where they needed to be for our annual showcase at the Rhoda McGaw theatre. Then at 3 o'clock we say goodbye and go home.
Outside of Stagecoach, my passion for musical theatre is still strong as I often listen to lots of musical soundtracks and when I'm lucky I get to see some performances in the West End.
My favourite thing about Stagecoach is that everyone in the school is like a huge family and everyone has similar interests. This makes it easy to talk to everybody which has led me to make close and long-lasting friendships. Also, I love that Stagecoach brings me so many different and eye-opening experiences that build my confidence and social skills.

About Emily:

Hi I’m Emily, I’m 15 and I have been at Stagecoach for about 6 years. This means I joined when I was 9 into Stage 2 and I have worked up through the Stages into Further Stages and I have been there for two terms now. Dance is by far my favourite discipline as I did ballet since I was three but left at 11. I also still do street dance which I started at when I was 7, apart from dance I have done swimming and gymnastics for a long time, but Stagecoach is by far my favourite club that I have done as it brings lots of new experiences and opportunities which help me grow in confidence and social skills.

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