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Stagecoach Students Feature in Matilda the Musical Movie!

January 17, 2023
Stagecoach Students Feature in Matilda the Musical Movie!
Who doesn’t love the Matilda musical? The classic Roald Dahl book was first brought to a West End stage in 2011 and that’s where it has stayed over a decade on. The show’s popularity has seen productions pop up across the globe and now we have a film to get excited about as well. Depending on where you are in the world, the film is either available to watch in cinemas or on Netflix now. We’re doubly excited about this new movie as it features some of our very own students taking part in the hit film. 
We caught up with Principal Rachel from Stagecoach Epsom and Principal Jennifer from Stagecoach Sutton to find out what the experience was like for their students. 
Rachel said, “I am so unbelievably proud of all our students who are currently working in movies, West End shows and UK tours. This is due to the wonderful training of the Stagecoach Epsom teaching team and the wonderful opportunities we get through Happy Feet Management. It just goes to show what wonderful experiences you can access from being at Stagecoach. Creative Courage For Life!”
Jennifer echoed this with a shout out to her students involved in the film. She said, “I was so proud of Eliza and made up for her having this opportunity as she works so hard. Amanda has come on leaps and bounds with confidence so it was really lovely for her to have this opportunity. And, Sophia-Ann has worked quite a bit in the industry in TV and the West End. It was great for her to add this amazing opportunity to her CV.” Proud Principals all around! 
Main Stages student Evie from Stagecoach Epsom told us about what was involved in her Matilda role. She said, ‘I had an amazing time at Matilda. After doing weeks of dance rehearsals, it was really exciting when we finally went to Shepperton and saw some of the sets and started filming. Meeting Emma Thompson and Lashana Lynch was amazing and they were really nice. The best bit was being on location for the outside scenes - the dances were really fun, the fun fair scene was brilliant and we got to stay away at hotels a lot. Because of COVID we had to wear masks and get tested all the time, which was a pain and we had to do loads of tutoring, but I wish I could do it all again!’ Evie’s mum, Natalie, said, ‘We are really proud of Evie being part of the Matilda film. It was quite a commitment over 6 months, with some really long days and time staying away from home, but she had a fantastic experience, made some great friends and really learnt a lot. The confidence, skills and support she’s gained from her amazing Stagecoach teachers were invaluable in getting her through the audition process!’
Kaci was also excited to be filming at the iconic Shepperton Studios. She said, ‘Thanks to Stagecoach Epsom for giving me the best summer of my life in 2021 when I spent 9 weeks at Shepperton Studios filming Matilda the Musical. Although it was just for the ‘Miracle’ scene, I learned so much about the industry and loved being in set in costume harnessed to the top of a cake!’ 
Sophia-Anne from Stagecoach Sutton’s mum said, ‘Sophia-Anne was thrilled to be cast in a supporting actor role for Matilda the Musical film. The whole process was so exciting from costume fittings and hair and makeup trials through to the actual filming somewhere deep in the English countryside. Sophia-Anne learnt so much from the experience and loved meeting the crew and other actors. She was so inspired by them all. We were all so proud when we spotted her in the cinema. We can’t wait for her next opportunity!’
The students and their families also highlighted how their experience as Stagecoach students helped them build their confidence and prepared them for their auditions and time on set. 
Eva, the mum of Daisy from Stagecoach Epsom said, ‘My daughter Daisy started Stagecoach when she was five. It has been wonderful to see how much her confidence and stage presence have grown which is thanks to Rachel and Stagecoach Epsom who are coaching the children in the most encouraging and fun way. Daisy loves performing and she was over the moon to get the opportunity to be part of Matilda movie ensemble.’ Daisy agrees saying, ‘I love coming to Stagecoach, it’s the highlight of my week! Stagecoach has boosted my confidence and I loved being part of the Matilda movie.’
Likewise, the mum of Stagecoach Sutton student Amanda said, ‘In 2021, Principal Jennifer gave Amanda a massive opportunity by introducing her to Sally King Casting to take a part in a movie. Since then she has worked in a number of movies and TV series as a background actor. It gave her the opportunity to work in Matilda the movie. She had a wonderful time working in the production and it was a great experience for her. We would like to thank Jennifer and her wonderful Team at Stagecoach Sutton for everything they have done to help Amanda in her Journey.’
A huge well done all!