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Stagecoach students dazzle the audience at The Charity Gala in the Shaftesbury Theatre

December 05, 2019
Stagecoach students dazzle the audience at The Charity Gala in the Shaftesbury Theatre
The Charity Gala is Stagecoach Performing Arts annual Flagship event and this year it was compered by Tarquin Shaw-Young from The Stagecoach Talent Agency. 
Nine schools were handpicked from Regional and London showcases throughout the year to perform during the evening. The schools invited to perform have excelled in different areas, not only for performance but for their attitude and commitment shown at previous events. 
Stagecoach Bath opened the evening performing their ‘Go Eugenius!’ piece, which impressed with a number of complicated lifts and acrobatics which were made to look effortless by the students. 
They were joined by Stagecoach Twickenham & Teddington who dazzled with their ‘Dis-connected’ piece, focusing on the increase in children’s digital use, and how playing in the park is nearly a thing of the past. 
Sarah Chitty, Principal of Stagecoach Twickenham & Teddington said: “The whole night was electric. Our piece on social media was selected to be performed, all three of our nominations won and we had a student in the Summer Showcase performance at the end of the Gala.”
Students from Stagecoach Colchester showed off their voices as they performed a mix of glitzy diamond themed songs, and Stagecoach Banbury got the audience dancing with their ‘Flashback Forward’ performance made up of dance styles throughout the decades. 
There was a wide variety of performances throughout the night, a moving piece marking the centenary year of the end of the First World War was showcased by students from Stagecoach Bristol Keynsham. After which a Spice Girls Medley performance from Stagecoach Alumni followed.
Stagecoach Edbaston got The Shaftesbury Theatre into the Christmas spirit, showcasing their voices with an adaptation of the poem, A Visit from St Nicholas, in their best Christmas Jumpers.
The students from Stagecoach Sidcup grabbed attention with expression and strong powerfull movements, as they beautifully demonstrated their interpretation of a nightmare. Fluid movements continued with the Students from Stagecoach Trowbridge, who highlighted the wonderful Gypsie culture with colourful costumes, scarves and traditional songs. 
Bridgend and Cowbridge paid tribute to Fosse, the inventor of Jazz hands, in a sleek presentation delivered in perfect unison. 
The final act of the evening was from the 2019 Summer Showcase ‘The Sound Of Music’ cast, where students from across the world auditioned to be part of the show. 
The Summer Showcase 2020 will be 'Legally Blonde The Musical', for details on how to be involved in the summer showcase or any other regional events speak to your Principal.