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Stagecoach students return to Cheltenham Town Hall.

December 02, 2019
Stagecoach students return to Cheltenham Town Hall.

At Stagecoach we provide our students with opportunities to perform at some of the UK’s most iconic venues, including the magnificent Cheltenham Town Hall. 

Building Cheltenham Town Hall began in 1902, designed specifically to provide a venue for parties, balls and concerts. The hall opened its doors on December 5th, 1903. Unlike traditional town halls, it is a public venue, not the home of the borough council.
During the build when the foundation stone was laid, a bottle was hidden behind it, filled with coins and newspapers from that day - like a time capsule. The foundation stone is still visible when you visit the town hall today.
Stagecoach students will return this December to Cheltenham Town Hall to perform for the third time, one of the schools returning is Stagecoach Solihull. “The venue was purely magical.  The beautiful tables and the twinkly lights put you in the Christmas mood!” said Jennifer, Stagecoach Sollihull Principal.

Stagecoach schools performing 8th December 2019:


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