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Who wants to be a volunteer?

April 01, 2020
Who wants to be a volunteer?
There are many ways to be involved in the theatre that don't require performing. 
If you are passionate about theatre and really enjoy meeting people, volunteering could be for you!

Making visitors feel welcome is every theatre’s top priority and the people responsible for that are very often unpaid volunteers

Being a volunteer is a great opportunity to gain confidence from dealing with the public, meet new people, develop new skills and become part of a theatre community. It will also look great on your CV.

Volunteer Narinder Chana assists a visitor to the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. Narinder adores the theatre and is passionate about the general public. She goes straight from her day job to the Belgrade almost every night of the week.
“I’m a people person and I love the theatre,” says Narinder. “For me, you can’t beat live performance.”
The theatre with the most volunteers is Shakespeare’s Globe, on London’s Southbank, which has 630 unpaid people on its books.
“It's a good way of meeting new people,” says volunteer manager Rosie Lawton. “We organise lots of social events for the volunteers, so they become part of a community too.”
 “It never feels like work," says volunteer Charlotte Ratcliffe. "My role is to welcome people, guide and support them. Every audience is different.”
If you would like to get involved and volunteer at your local theatre try searching 'theatre volunteer' and it will bring up a host of options.