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Special effects make-up for stage and screen

April 01, 2020
Special effects make-up for stage and screen
Grace Gorman is a professional hair and makeup artist for the stage and screen.
If you’ve been to see Wicked or The King and I in the past few years, the chances are you’ve seen her hair and makeup skills in action.
From a young age Grace loved special effects make-up, inspired by music videos and spooky halloween movies with ghouls and zombies in them.
After her A Levels, Grace did a specialist special-effects make-up and wig-making course at The Arts University in Bournemouth. “I saw those videos again when I was choosing what to do at uni and realised that it was actually a job,” she laughs.
Work experience on a West End musical, led to a paid job on the show. “I had very little experience, but showed I was willing to work hard,” she says. “Having a good attitude is very important when you’re working under pressure and often in a small space. The industry is very small, so you need to get on with everybody.”
Wig-making is now her favourite aspect of the job. “It seems like such a weird thing to love, but it’s very creative, with a real process. A great wig is a real achievement.”
Grace is now working on various film projects, including Disney’s Cruella movie, starring Emma Stone. “I can’t wait to get stuck into her famous black and white tresses,” she laughs. “Doing a baddie is always fun.”

Keep your eyes peeled for Grace's work on a screen near you soon.

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