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How you can work in theatre if you don’t want to perform

April 01, 2020
How you can work in theatre if you don’t want to perform
There are lots of different careers in theatre which don't require performing. Perhaps you have a passion for hair and make up or costume design.

Peter McKintosh is an award winning set designer, he has worked on a variety of productions, including the musicals Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and 42nd Street.
By age 10, Peter had been inspired by the set of the musical Oliver and knew from that point what he wanted to become. Even though he had no idea what a set designer was or did. “I remember sitting there thinking, ‘That’s what I want to do’,” he says. “I don’t suppose I even knew there was such a job as a set designer.”

A set designer will read the script; create designs and models of the sets. They will find out the cost of producing the sets and manage the budgets for them. They also work closely with the director and costume designer, as well as other members of staff, such as the lighting and sound engineers. To make use the sets are practical and amazing to look at.
After finishing school, he did theatre-design course at the Bristol Old Vic School, where Peter became assistant to top designer Mark Thompson. The first show he designed on his own was the musical Honk! at the National Theatre.
“It’s my job to create a ‘world' for the play, musical or opera,” says Peter
Set design