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From Student To Teacher

April 24, 2018
From Student To Teacher
I stumbled across Stagecoach when I was just seven years old because I was eager to keep up with my older sister and her Saturday morning endeavours. It was then that my love for performing arts blossomed, my self-confidence developed and my career choice was sculpted. A solid foundation of both working and social disciplines were engraved alongside an everlasting passion that led me to continue my training at both the Arts Educational Schools London and the Guildford School of Acting for Musical Theatre. The support, opportunities and creative framework devised by the teachers enabled me to venture into this journey with an optimistic outlook.  

It’s because of this that I am now so impassioned by teaching. I’ve embarked on the Stagecoach adventure myself; I have experienced the importance of what Stagecoach beliefs encompass and most importantly I’ve lived the positive effects that it generates. My desire is to pass this on to the students and encourage them to mould their own journey.

So, I now have the pleasure of saying that, arguably, I have one of the most rewarding jobs. I started as a teaching assistant for the Early Stages and I am now a singing teacher for the main school; I had to quickly adapt to ‘the other side’. 

I transfer the skills that I learnt into the skills that I teach. My enjoyment of lesson planning is for the lesson objectives as I can share the intent behind all the exciting and varied singing exercises. Week in and week out I get to encourage and witness the students’ confidence grow, watch them make genuine friendships outside of school and explore their creativity in a safe environment. I can both empathize with the pupil and accelerate their learning process through a mutual understanding. What I love about teaching at Stagecoach is that in only three hours a week, a solid skill set is constructed for performing, however, it doesn’t necessarily mean those skills are only attainable for the arts. As a teacher, it is about teaching your set craft but mainly putting the focus on student participation, inclusion and risk taking. This increases communication, self-assurance and enthusiasm that is applicable for everyday life and any career path that they choose.

What I adore most about this transition from pupil to teacher is that no matter what age or location, the Stagecoach value remains the same.
By Naomi Amelia Moore