Drama, Dance and Singing Classes in Uxbridge

Welcome to Stagecoach Uxbridge

Performing Arts School for 4-18 years.
Rebecca joined the teaching team at Stagecoach Uxbridge in 2000 and became Principal in 2003. She has now been running the school for over ten years and has over 200 students. She strives to maintain the schools ethos of building confidence, through creativity and fun. Stagecoach Uxbridge performed at Disneyland Paris in July 2013! The whole weekend was amazing and the Principal was immensely proud of them all. This was a fantastic experience and opportunity for our school. Once a year 18 students are carefully selected to take part in a musical event at Her Majesty's theatre in the West End. We were also privileged to be chosen to perform at The Stagecoach Charity Gala in December 2014. Currently all students are working towards a Showcase to be performed at The Winston Churchill Theatre in Ruislip In July. All students works towards an annual show. 

We are also pleased to offer Holiday workshops, Performance Arts Awards, written reports, theatre trips and professional representation.

Our school is also inspected regularly and continues to get excellent reports from Harding Assosiates.

Stagecoach Uxbridge performing 'Singin' in the Rain' at the Stagecoach Charity Gala in 2014.
Principal: Rebecca Odedra - ISTD

Stagecoach Acting, Singing and Dance Classes & Times

Early Stages (for ages 4-6 yrs)

Early Stages classes run alongside the main Stagecoach schools, where young people learn skills in each of the three Musical Theatre disciplines of singing, dancing & drama, so it is an easy step when it is time to transfer to the next stage.

Fees: £162 per term / £13.50 per week
(Weekly cost is based on 36 weeks of tuition a year)

Payment options available. Scottish fees may vary.

(90 minutes each week)

Main Stages (for ages 6-18 yrs)

Main Stages classes are split in three age appropriate groups, where young people learn new skills in each of the complementary Musical Theatre disciplines of singing, dancing & drama. We nurture the shy and apprehensive, until they find their feet and voice, whilst at the same time developing and channelling those with bundles of talent, confidence and energy. We believe in the potential of every child!

Fees: £324 per term / £27.00 per week 
(Weekly cost is based on 36 weeks of tuition a year)

Payment options available. Scottish fees may vary.

(3 hrs each week)
Please use the online payment for existing students or, a new student whose place has been confirmed by the local principal.
Your children will be in good hands under the guidance of Principal Rebecca Odedra. Running Stagecoach Uxbridge for more than ten years, she has helped many applicants become seasoned performers and organised numerous events.

Stagecoach Uxbridge operates out of Oak Farm Junior School on Windsor Avenue and accepts all applicants up to the age of 18. If your child is looking for training in the performing arts, then our school can help them.

Moreover, while we aim to develop their skills in dance, drama, and singing, we also strive to improve their confidence and creativity – and, of course, while having as much fun as possible.

To find out more information about us, get in touch with the team today. We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.