Drama, Dance and Singing Classes in Huddersfield

Welcome to Stagecoach Huddersfield

Performing Arts School for 4-18 years.
Welcome to Stagecoach Huddersfield. We are proud of our thriving and dynamic school, where children are enthusiastic and love learning skills in dance, drama, singing and performing. Our school ethos is that everyone should have a chance to develop and grow both as a performer and a person in a safe, nurturing environment. Our dedicated and accomplished team of staff are experienced in working with all different levels of student ability and are passionate about passing on their knowledge and love of their subject.

We offer many different performing arts opportunities to our students; from small informal demonstrations for parents to full scale public performances in large national theatres.

Classes are held at Newsome High School, a good central location, so children attend our dance, drama and singing classes from all the surrounding areas; Lindley, Longwood, Netherton, Holmfirth, Honley and many others.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to Stagecoach Huddersfield.

We are delighted to offer a two-week trial; a chance for both parents and children to find out more about Stagecoach and to experience what we have to offer. For more details on this, please contact Ruth on 01943 464666 or email huddersfield@stagecoach.co.uk
Principal: Ruth Marston - BA hons

Latest News from Stagecoach Huddersfield!

Our students take to the stage!
Stagecoach Huddersfield is excited to be taking part in the Stagecoach Regional Showcase at The Grand in Blackpool on Sunday November 8th. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to perform on a professional stage and to be part of this national event.

Early Stages news
The children will be working towards their end of term production; "The Musicians of Bremen" This is a lovely piece, written especially for the Early Stages age group. "This delightful combination of 'song and story' will enliven and enrich learning, both in music and literacy, as well as give younger children a manageable experience of performing a mini musical."

It will involve fun costumes; donkeys, dogs, cockerels, cats and even some robbers! Children will also be using percussion instruments in the performance, they have already started using these in class which was great fun, if a little noisy! 

Main School News
This term sees our Main Stages students working with a specialist from Ballet Rambert and also filming their own pop music videos. Complete with stage 3s as directors and camera men this is a completely student lead project. It is always fantastic to see the our older students leading the younger children and encouraging everyone's ideas. We can't wait to watch them back. Well done to the whole school.

Matilda Summer Workshop
Stagecoach Huddersfield is delighted to be offering ALL children the chance to come and take part in our week long holiday theatre workshop at Newsome High School from Monday 17th August – Friday 21st August 2015. We have been lucky enough to have been given the rights to perform a shortened version of the hit musical “Matilda”. It is full of great songs, dances and characters; the perfect recipe for a great performance at the end of the week. Places are open to both Stagecoach and NON Stagecoach students regardless of experience. 4-6 year olds attend all week for half a day and 6-18 year olds attend all day. Please click here to apply. We are now offering "Wraparound Care" for working parents, with early drop off from 8.30 and late pick up until 6pm. 
Contact Principal Ruth on 01943 464666

Stagecoach Acting, Singing and Dance Classes & Times

Early Stages (for ages 4-6 yrs)

Early Stages classes run alongside the main Stagecoach schools, where young people learn skills in each of the three Musical Theatre disciplines of singing, dancing & drama, so it is an easy step when it is time to transfer to the next stage.

(90 minutes each week)

A full term’s fees for Early Stages is £162 (Scottish fees may vary).

A two week trial for Early Stages costs £25.

Click on the ‘Enrol Now’ button by your preferred class to book your place and pay for your first two weeks. When you sign up for the remainder of the term, your initial payment of £25 will be deducted from the full term’s fees.

Main Stages (for ages 6-18 yrs)

Main Stages classes are split in three age appropriate groups, where young people learn new skills in each of the complementary Musical Theatre disciplines of singing, dancing & drama. We nurture the shy and apprehensive, until they find their feet and voice, whilst at the same time developing and channelling those with bundles of talent, confidence and energy. We believe in the potential of every child!

(3 hrs each week)

A full term’s fees for Main Stages is £324 (Scottish fees may vary).

A two week trial for Main Stages costs £50.

Click on the ‘Enrol Now’ button by your preferred class to book your place and pay for your first two weeks. When you sign up for the remainder of the term, your initial payment of £50 will be deducted from the full term’s fees.

Further Stages (for ages 15+ yrs)

Our advanced musical theatre sessions give talented students the chance to extend their performance skills.  Through in-depth training and master classes, we help students to hone their skills in singing, dancing and acting.  We also give students the confidence to audition for theatre and vocational drama schools (if that is their goal) and make sure they are well prepared for interviews and auditions. 
Please use the online payment for existing students or, a new student whose place has been confirmed by the local principal.
Stagecoach Huddersfield performing arts school offers high quaility training in the performing arts. Children from all across Huddersfield attend our excellent classes in dance, singing and drama and receive a full and rounded performing arts education. Our school is unique in the fact it delivers performing arts training to children of ALL abilities and ages. Our younger students aged 4-6 have 30 mins training in each discipline; singing, dance and drama, they learn performance skills and build their confidence in lessons that are fun and nurturing. Our older students aged 6-18 attend 1 hour classes in all three areas; singing, dance and drama. Parentsattend at least 2 performances of their children's work a year and they will also receive an annual report of their child's progress and achievements in their singing dance and drama classes.

Our dynamic and caring teachers have extensive experience in both teaching and performing, passing on their knowledge of dancing, singing, drama and acting. Classes are fun, engaging and equip children with both performing skills and skills for life. In dance classes they will learn many different styles of dance; jazz, musical theatre, street dance, pop and commercial style and theatre craft. Dance enables children to develop poise and a good posture, increases their awareness of rhythm and improves their fitness. In drama students learn poetry, perform plays, devise their own acting pieces and scenes. Drama classes really help to encourage clear speaking, creative thinking and teamwork. Our singing classes cover many genres including; musical theatre, classical pieces, pop songs and work on singing in harmony, as a choir and are also given the chance to sing solo. They learn essential breathing techniques and the correct way to use their voices.

Our students are given a multitude of performing experiences, both in house and in public. Children can also choose to join our Stagecoach Agency, where they will have the chance to audition for professional acting, singing and dance work. Every child is given the chance to develop and grow in a safe, nurturing environment. National events give children the opportunity to act, sing and dance on many different professional stages across the country. Students are also offered the chance to study towards examinations in acting, drama and speaking verse and prose.

Stagecoach Huddersfield operates out of Newsome High School where we enjoy their fantastic facilities. We are lucky enough to be able to use their large fully equipped theatre and a spacious mirrored dance studio. There is plenty of esay access parking for parents. Please enter the school by the main entrance, where our School Principal, Ruth, will be there to greet you and your child.