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Time to Take the Stage

By Harriet Davis

December 28, 2015
Time to Take the Stage
Research with 1500 Stagecoach parents across the country in 2014, explored the benefits performing arts activities have in multiple channels of a child’s life. Many of the parents surveyed worry that children these days are in danger of growing up not knowing how to communicate clearly (57%) and being unable to speak confidently in front of a group of people (55%).

The good news is that the parents who were surveyed are seeing the powerful impact the performing arts is having. Over 90% felt that their child is more confident at school since participating in Stagecoach classes and an overwhelming majority of the parents have seen improvements in their child’s confidence, social skills and general happiness and well-being.
The parents saw improvements in their child’s academic performance (85%), confidence at school (94%), imagination (94%) and general happiness and well-being (95%).

Many experts in the field believe that education in the creative arts is vital to individuals as a vehicle for expression and skills development.

At Stagecoach, we believe that a focus on teaching life skills, in addition to academic knowledge, will help develop independent, creative learners who are more able to adapt to new situations.

Stagecoach provides tuition in the performing arts for 4 – 18 year-olds. Small class sizes ensure that each student receives the attention needed to develop as an individual in all aspects of life. We teach students how to be confident and resilient; how to confidently take on exciting challenges and venture on new, unknown journeys. Stagecoach provides students with the opportunity to perform in London’s West End and at Disneyland Paris, as well as in one of the many regional events across the country. Students are able to take LAMDA examinations, which not only contributes towards UCAS points but also boosts their ability to present themselves in front of others; an essential life skill for any career they may choose.

Stagecoach Theatre Arts has always believed that our duty is not just to teach young people how to sing, dance and act. We believe that we also work to create well-rounded children and teenagers who are innovative, achieving and expressive individuals and the research conducted last year suggested that we're making a difference! The surveyed parents found that, since joining Stagecoach, there have been improvements in their child’s ability to find innovative solutions to problems (91%), to express opinions to adults they don’t know (94%) and to listen attentively (89%).

Stagecoach supports mainstream education and provides opportunities for children and young people to experience performing arts and all the benefits it brings, in their local community.

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