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Time to Enter a New World

By Harriet Davis

December 01, 2015
Time to Enter a New World
According to Forbes’ website, only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Why do we make these empty promises to ourselves? It might be because the idea that giving something up is not fun. Maybe we do not have the confidence to commit to a bold lifestyle change?

So what is the solution to our resolution dilemma? In 2016, create a New Year’s resolution for your child that introduces a new sense of fun and discovery into their life. Your child will benefit on this new journey of discovery (and you won’t feel guilty for not giving something up!)

Recent research conducted by MEAT in association with Stagecoach Theatre Arts (2014), found that parents send their children to Stagecoach because they want them to find their own path, do what they enjoy and are good at, and be themselves.

Stagecoach Theatre Arts offers your child a chance to explore the performing arts and gain important life skills. Their acting, singing and dance classes boost self-confidence, creativity and curiosity – skills that will stay with them for life.

Stagecoach has been providing part-time performing arts tuition for over 27 years, teaching children aged 4 - 18 in a fun, educational and stimulating environment.

Confidence is key at Stagecoach. Class sizes are kept small to ensure that each student receives the attention needed to develop as an individual in all aspects of life.

Stagecoach provides students with the opportunity to perform in London’s West End and at Disneyland Paris, as well as in one of the many regional events across the country. Students are able to take LAMDA examinations, which not only contribute towards UCAS points but also boosts their ability to present themselves in front of others with confidence and self-belief.

Send your child on a journey of discovery today!
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