Amanda - Jayne Manning

As a performer and a teacher, I wanted to find a course that would enable me to become a better and more creative teacher. I am delighted to say that this course is everything I had hoped for and more more for my own personal development as a performer and a teacher. By going back to basics and looking at all the elements that are required to become an exceptional teacher and facilitator, I was able to experiment with my new strategies and construct very detailed lesson plans during the course. The tutors and guest tutors have me a new set of tools so I can inspire and engage all my pupils regardless of their age or ability.

I would highly recommend the Stagecoach/ADPA Teacher Training Course to every teacher who works in the Performance Arts Educational sector no matter what your age or level of experience in teaching. It will revive your inspiration to teach and bring back the satisfaction of giving knowledge to others and changing lives.

Beth Coram

Three years ago, I was planning on returning to work after being at home as 'just mum' for six years. I was a trained actress and qualified Primary School teacher but wanted to head off in a new direction and work in a more specialised field. I was looking for a course that would serve to both refresh and inspire me. So having scoured 'the net' for several hours, the only relevant course that I could find was the Stagecoach Teacher Training Course.

The programme Stagecoach had devised, enabled me to reflect on my own skills, experiences and teaching strategies. It was delivered with immense passion and professionalism, in a challenging yet supportive environment. It helped me grow in confidence, push my boundaries and steered me in a much clearer direction. It gave me a huge resource of ideas and activities, which I now use regularly as I am teaching again.

Attending the Stagecoach Teacher Training course was life changing. A hugely valuable experience that I wouldn't have missed for anything. Thank you. 

Sophie Wilford

What an amazing experience, a course that I will keep with me for the rest of my teaching career. I honestly could not think of a better way of really kick starting my career.

Not only have they supplied us with their wisdome, they have also supplied us with some of the most inspiring teachers I have ever come across. I knew I had the potential to be a good teacher but I honestly feel I can walk away from this course with all the tools and knowledge in my folder to carry on building upon to become a great teacher.

I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to attend this course and will be encouraging others to attend the course, it was just a magnificent two weeks, that I will never forget and always treasure as the starting point of my teaching adventure.

Natalie Green

The course is excellently designed and very well thought out.  The content provides a fantastic opportunity to learn, develop and refine skills for providing quality teaching in performing arts.  The tutors are exceptionally talented facilitators of learning and teachers of creativity.  They are welcoming, nurturing and demonstrate a wealth knowledge and experience.  Throughout the course I was encouraged to use the skills learnt to reflect on my own teaching and explore my approach as a facilitator on a deeper level to understand how to maximise the benefits for my students.

I found my two weeks on the ADPA incredibly fulfilling, challenging, stimulating and highly inspirational.  I cannot recommend the ADPA enough.  Whether you work at Stagecoach or not, this course is an absolute gem that will provide personal growth, confidence, and a wider skillset which will galvanise a passion for teaching performing arts.

Jack Shaw - Downie

I recently had the pleasure of attending the Stagecoach ADPA course and I mean ‘the pleasure’! From the outset everybody was so kind and considerate and the two weeks passed in a blur! It was such a fantastic experience, immensely enjoyable, highly  informative, hugely beneficial and of course, the qualification was the icing on the cake. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with a passion for teaching performing arts to young people!'