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Created from exclusive content sent in by Stagecoach Students who have responded to the Stagecoachathome with the Stagecoach Agency

Week 7

Week 6


Musical Lockdown Diary with Elliot


Week 4

Week 3

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Week 1

Weekly Challenges

During the lockdown The Stagecoach Talent Agency have created a series of weekly challenges to keep you busy, occupied and to feed your creativity.
Alongside our annual Creative Courage For Life 2020 competition which launching April we have six performance opportunities for you to take part in.
Every Thursday we will upload a new video challenge to the Agency website and Facebook page for you to take part in, and you don’t need to be a member of The Agency to take part!
You can all of the challenges or just a few, the process will be a great learning curve in developing your skills as a performer.


Week 1: Create your own monologue.


Week 2:  Create your own news channel.


Week 3 - Become a  screenwriter 

Week 4 - Tackle Shakespeare


Click here to access More Shakespeare Monologues

Click here to access Shakespeare Speeches

Week 5 -  Poetic License

Week 6: Video Diary

The challenges are designed to get you thinking as a performer, a presenter and a reporter, all from the comfort of your own home!
You will have two weeks to complete each challenge and we hope to share some of the entries with you each week.
Once you have completed your challenge, please send it via to
Make sure to clearly mark the video with your name, age and the name of the challenge.
For example:
ABIGAIL. S aged 12 - Stagecoach Cardiff - Week 3 Challenge
Please make sure you complete the media consent form before sending your videos in. You only need to complete this form once and it will cover you for all challenges.  Click the link below :
Record your challenges in landscape and please avoid filming in a bedroom, bathroom or toilet. We suggest that Stagecoach Uniform is the most appropriate costume to wear for these challenges - Introduce the challenge with your first name only.

Challenge timetable:

Write your own 1 minute monologue.
This can be on any subject, write about what you know or about an experience! Remember a monologue is your inner thoughts, you are telling us how you feel as a story.
Fake news Reporter.
Create your own News Studio, create some stories and events that may never have happened. Interview your family or get creative with your guests and have fun! Lasting no more than 2 minutes.
Become a Screenwriter.
Turn a passage from one of your favourite books into a monologue. A mini screenplay lasting no more than a minute.
Tackle Shakespeare.
Celebrating Shakespeare's 404th Birthday by getting to grips with the Bard. You can pick any speech and we have suggested some here  - but the twist will be that we want you to update the setting! For example, Romeo & Juliet but set in a coffee shop or Hamlet set in a hotel.
Poetic License
This week we’d like to write and perform your own short poem - This can be about anything you like - any theme any place - so have fun and be creative - Remember always film in landscape and not in a bathroom or bedroom - If you want to repeat any challenges such as the fake news report we are happy to extend and receive these 
Video Diary
This week we’d like to see all the skills that you have developed over the past six weeks and create your very own video diaries - They can be made up - about real events, interview you family - create more news - more drama and get creative! - Remember to always film in landscape and not in a bathroom or bedroom - If you want to repeat any challenges such as the fake news report, lockdown undercover, weather, sports news we are happy to continue to receive these.