Come and experience what it is like to audition, have professional head-shots taken, receive instant feedback and perform your audition on camera to an Agent.

You will receive a digital copy of your professional photo - and a list of approved Agencies that you can approach for representation.All audition tapes are sent to all of our affiliates to look at which means that your child's audition will be showcased across our approved network for potential representation. The Stagecoach Talent Agency do also recruit from these sessions.

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Sunday 10th November 2019 London - Afternoon Session 

*Please note venues will be confirmed f
or all sessions as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions regarding the sessions please email us here.

Audition Pieces

Audition Pieces- Suggested Reading

Boys 6 - 8 years
Girls 6 - 8 years

Boys 9 - 10 years
Girls 9 - 10 years

Boys 11  13 years
Girls 11 - 13 years

Boys 14  16 years
Girls 14 - 16 years

Boys 17+ years
Girls 17+ years