We have a reputation for finding the right student/child for each job, offering bespoke casting services and having a detailed knowledge of child licensing. We are currently representing students attending the Stagecoach Performing Arts network of schools across the UK.

Our Task

Through our central core Agency and now a group of approved affiliate Agencies our task is to find fun and worthwhile opportunities across all entertainment platforms for Stagecoach children who choose to become members of a Talent Agency. However, it must be clearly understood that no responsible agency can ever guarantee to find work for any actor, adult or child. No matter how hard we try, our Agency is no exception to this statement of fact. 

That said, we enjoy a high degree of success within the industry. Successes include winning parts for children, both major and supporting, in TV, Films, Commercials, Radio, Voice-overs, West End Productions and touring shows, Corporates and Photo shoots. 

Audition Experience Sessions And Renewal

We look forward to meeting new and existing students this year at the forthcoming Audition Experience Sessions. 

If you have any question about joining our child's agency please visit Agency Experience Days

If you are aged 20+ check out our
S.T. Arts Management Agency which represents adults in the performing arts profession.