One-time Stagecoach student Louis Dunn, 13, from Manchester, has scored a hit playing football-obsessed Jamie Johnson, in the CBBC series of the same name. 

Q. How did you get the part of Jamie Johnson?
A. “My form teacher, Miss Connor, had seen an ad for the audition and told me about it.  She knew it was about football and that I was footy mad!”

Q. What did you do for the audition?
A. “I practised a few footballing tricks  to show them, then went along. I didn’t really think I would get the part, but I must have been what they were looking for, because I got a call back!”

Q. How did you feel when you got the part?
A. “Over the moon!”

Q. How did you prepare for the acting?
A. “I had some one-on-one acting sessions with the director and some workshops with the cast. I would read the scripts and would practise my lines every day to prepare for the next day’s filming.”

Q. Your character, Jamie, is a footballing genius. Did you have any training after you got the part?
A. “I had a World Champion freestyler come to the house to teach me new football tricks, and we played quite a lot of football on and off the set.”

Q. What do you like best about working on a TV series?
A. “I like when I see all the hard work come together in the final episodes and I like working with the cast and crew, as we all get along really well. I love being in a team and working together.”

Q. What’s been the best thing about making Jamie Johnson?
A. “The director flew me and my mum to LA to film the episode with Steven Gerrard. It was amazing! We saw Hollywood, Beverley Hills and quite a few other sights. It was great to meet the LA Galaxy team and Steven G too.” 

Louis’s top audition tips
• Just be yourself, be polite and try your best. 
• They are looking for certain characteristics, so if you don’t get the part, it doesn’t mean you’re not good, it’s just that you are not right for that particular role.
• Just keep trying and going auditions. You may just be what they looking for.

Jamie Johnson series 2 airs on CBBC and is available to watch on BBC iPlayer. The Jamie Johnson Football podcast is available on 5 Live.

As told to Nicola Venning