Charlie, 7, who’s been attending Stagecoach Brentwood for 11 months, and his sister, Penelope, 5, were in a Kwik Fit safety video over the summer.
Here, they share what it was like to film it…

Charlie gives a safety talk

What was the audition like?
“It was fun. I had to sit on a chair and pretend to drive a car.”

Were there any rehearsals for the shoot?
“No, they told us what to do and we just went straight to filming.”

Did you have to learn a script?
“Yes, I had to learn some words. I read the words and said them three times, then I went on to the next one. I kept going on until I’d said all the words to see if I remembered them.”

Charlie plays a road traffic safety officer

What was the most fun  about the filming day?
“Driving the cars. They had pedals to make them go.”

What’s your favourite thing about going to Stagecoach?
“When we play acting games and we get to act as different things.”

Have you been in any other shows or films?
“I did a Stagecoach show, but this was my first video.”

Charlie takes one of the cars for a spin

How many times have you watched this video?

What was it like filming with Charlie?
“It was fun, because we were driving cars. I got to slide down a slide and there was a car at the bottom, blocking the way. Everyone else had slid down before me and had to look as if they got stuck. I had to slide down and say, ‘How very inconsiderate of you’ and very carefully go into them, so I wouldn’t crash into them. That was my favourite bit.”

How did you memorise the words you had to say?
“I just kept practising them. One week I practised one bit and the next week I practised the other set of lines.”

Penelope prepares to go down the slide

Have your friends seen the film?
“Yes. They say, ‘Great job!’”

Were you nervous during filming?
“Not really. Everyone was really nice to us and I liked driving the little cars.”

What did you have to do in the audition to get this part?
“We had to listen to a line and then say it into the camera. I wasn’t really nervous at all.”

This opportunity was through the Stagecoach Talent Agency.

Penelope and Charlie drive round the track

You can see Charlie and Penelope in the Kwik Fit video here.