What's happening at Stagecoach?

Her Majesty's Theatre

By Hayley Henderson

March 21, 2016
Her Majesty's Theatre
Her Majesty’s Theatre – Stagecoach West End Live - Sunday 20th March

Walking from Piccadilly Circus Underground station to the prestigious Her Majesty’s Theatre, I could feel that this was going to be a special evening. From the electric atmosphere around Piccadilly Circus, the atmosphere was similar once we entered the foyer for the Stagecoach Live performance. It was a full house with family and friends gathered for what promised to be an evening of fabulous entertainment. As a new member of the Stagecoach team, this was my first experience of Stagecoach in action outside of the classroom and I was eager to see the performance.

A Theatre Fit for a Royal
The theatre itself made me realise what an honour this event was. Her Majesty’s Theatre is home for the last 30 years to Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber’s legendary The Phantom of the Opera, and entering the main theatre made quite an impression. Sitting in the Royal Circle, we had a fantastic view of the beautiful stage with its extraordinary statues around the stage, the stunning chandelier and the beautifully intricate ceiling. We knew that this was the perfect setting for this show and what an honour it must have been to perform on that very stage!

Stagecoach Tunbridge Wells - Hairspray!

Something to Make a Song & Dance About
We were treated to a variety of performances from upbeat glittery Mo-Town numbers (Stagecoach Coulsdon), Pitch Perfect medleys (Stagecoach Ringwood), to a thought provoking powerful performance on the refugee crisis (Stagecoach Harrogate). There was so much variety for one show it was constantly moving, evolving and really showcased the talent Stagecoach schools across the country display. We were even treated to choreographed Wizarding duels (Stagecoach Twickenham), combat fighting combined with beautiful ballet (Stagecoach Primrose Hill), a Jackson High performance (Stagecoach Norwich) and an Addams family treat (Stagecoach Weymouth), plus much more.

Razzle Dazzle
I was hoping for some bright and sparkly costumes, and I did not come away disappointed! The costumes were fabulous! The bright, sparkly flapper styled dresses really suited the performances that incorporated them (Stagecoach Chingford, Stagecoach Isleworth, Stagecoach Poole), whilst the masks and traditional styled dresses for Stagecoach Stourbridge's Sleeping Beauty really conveyed the story. And not forgetting the fabulous costumes from Stagecoach Uxbridge’s Sister Act performance, with nuns and vicars dancing you couldn’t help but tap your feet and clap along with the beat!

Stagecoach Solihull - Passing the Spotlight

Entourage outside venue
After all of the performances, we felt truly amazed when the final curtain went down and couldn’t believe how much incredible singing, dancing and acting we had just seen. What I really loved about the evening was the vast amount of support from the audience. There was rapturous applause and clearly a lot of proud parents and family members in the audience. It was lovely to see when each school was announced via a screen on-stage, their loyal supporters really raised the roof for their school. And at the end when leaving the theatre, there was a queue of family members with bouquets of flowers outside the dressing room exit waiting to congratulate their stars of the show!
What Talent!
There was so much to take in, incredible voices, movement and acting, the students should be very proud. The performances were wonderful and as Stagecoach Swindon demonstrated in their performance Vanity, about loving who you are and it was great to see our students comfortable in their own skin. It was great to see that the students not only enjoyed performing at such an iconic venue, but that they clearly enjoyed creating and rehearsing their performances. All of the effort by the students definitely paid off, not to mention the Principals and teachers work, alongside family and friend support! What a fantastic job everyone did and a wonderful welcome to Stagecoach! I can’t wait for the next one!
The Official Line Up:
Act One:
Stagecoach Twickenham - The Magic of Harry Potter
Stagecoach Isleworth – Singin’ In the Rain
Stagecoach Coulsdon – Motown Medley
Stagecoach Chingford – Brilliant
Stagecoach Tunbridge Wells – Hairspray!
Stagecoach Primrose Hill – Romeo & Juliet
Stagecoach Ringwood – Pitching for Perfection
Stagecoach Uxbridge – Sister Act
Act Two:
Stagecoach Swindon – Vanity
Stagecoach – Stourbridge – Dornroschen (Sleeping Beauty)
Stagecoach Leeds Alwoodley – Jazz Fusion
Stagecoach Poole – Don & Daisy
Stagecoach Norwich – Jackson High
Stagecoach Weymouth – When You’re an Addams
Stagecoach Solihiull – Passing the Spotlight
Stagecoach Harrogate - Refugee

Stagecoach Leeds Alwoodley - Jazz Fusion