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Harry's story: Stagecoach ad star in his own words

By HayleyHenderson

September 02, 2016
Harry's story: Stagecoach ad star in his own words

Harry’s story: Stagecoach ad star in his own words

Many of us dream of having the confidence to step up on stage and act our favourite scene from our favourite play or film. Harry, aged 13 years, is lucky enough to be living that dream – thanks to Stagecoach, he’s managed to evolve his passion into an incredible talent, which he is, quite rightly, very proud of.

His enthusiasm and skill earnt him a place in our new cinema advert.

Here is Harry's story.

One of the reasons why so many children enjoy acting is because it gives them the chance to become someone else for a while. Someone they never thought they could be. Harry is no different.

"Every Saturday I walk in and I can be someone else,” he explains. “I can be whoever I want to be. I can choose infinite characters - it's never going to end. You put your mind in the face of the character and you kind of think ‘Well, I'm confident in this character, I am that character’.”

Harry enjoys acting so much, it’s grown from being just a hobby to a habit. He practices regularly, and we all know that practice makes perfect. Of course, the other key ingredient to being a good actor is confidence.

"To become a good actor you really need someone there who is there to help you and who has confidence in you; believes in you; has faith in you,” Harry says. “So that when it comes to the big performance, they're there and you've made them proud.”

Stagecoach has brought him confidence too – it’s a wonderful support network, where everyone encourages you to do your best. Everyone wants to see you succeed.

Harry has a final piece of advice when it comes to acting: "Don't be shy, don't be scared. Be who you are. Because as long as you're who you are, you'll be fine."

We’re so proud of how much Harry has grown during his time at Stagecoach; with all that hard work he puts in, we know he’ll continue to a star on-screen and on-stage. To find out more about our new advert and how we chose our starring students, check out our behind-the-scenes blog