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Get Up & Dance Event

By Hayley Henderson

March 16, 2016
Get Up & Dance Event
Get UP & Dance Live in Peterborough 
Sunday 6th March
By Isabel, Stagecoach Huntingdon
The day started at around 9:30, when we got into the auditorium and sat down, and then we were allowed to relax for a bit before the tech run at around 10. I always like to do tech runs, because they’re so relaxed and casual, and we get to see what people in the same half as us are performing. 
We did the workshops after the dress run, which went better than I expected. The first workshop we did, along with a few other Stagecoaches from the first act, was a workshop based on a type of dance called ‘house’. This is basically a type of street dance that uses a lot of footwork. Even some of the teachers got involved, which was great to see. We also did a giant freestyle circle, which thankfully I didn’t have to do as I’m not the best when it comes to tricks and flips! The workshop was run by two guys, who later performed with the rest of their group (TXS) in the show, at the end of Act One.

We got about five to ten minutes to relax, and then we participated in the African dance workshop with a group called Adanta. They had drummers, dancers, and some family in the group, and they all had really interesting and fun personalities. We also did another freestyle circle, which we all did, including the workshop leaders, who I think were both of African origin. It was really cool to see the kind of twists they put on some of the tricks I’m used to seeing, when in the studio at dance troupe sessions. 

The performance started at about 6:30, and as the second group on in Act One, we were there backstage pretty much as soon as the show started. Our dance went really well, and the intro by three girls in our dance troupe, T28, was perfect for our dance. The performance is one of the best parts of a show, as well as the tech and dress run, because of the adrenaline and the euphoria when you know you’ve done well as a team. The atmosphere backstage is also brilliant at this sort of show, because of the community it creates. You get to talk to and witness the talents of people from all over the country that you would never do otherwise.
The things I learnt during the day in Peterborough were different types of dance, and what it’s like performing in a dance troupe, as our troupe is relatively new. All in all, I think it’s an experience I want to have again if I get the chance, because I loved it.

Isabel, Stagecoach Huntingdon