We are here to answer all of your questions about joining the Stagecoach network as a franchisee.

What type of person are you looking for?

We are looking for creative, commercially aware entrepreneurs who are inspirational role models and passionate about performing arts education.

How do I apply or find out more information?

Simply fill out the enquiry form and we will get in touch with you. If successful, your application will be passed through to interview stage.

How much does a Stagecoach franchise cost?

A Greenfield costs £16,800 + VAT. Resale options are also available at prices that vary depending on the business.

What support do you give to new franchise owners?

We offer a comprehensive training programme that covers every aspect of setting up and running a Stagecoach franchise.  We recognise that every franchisee will have different training needs which is why we assign a Regional Franchise Manager work closely alongside you, helping develop a bespoke training plan to ensure your needs are met.  You will have access to our child protection team, creative department, music resource library, marketing and printed material, employment law advice and VAT information.

What training will I need to get started?

You will need to attend initial franchise training, which is held at Stagecoach Head Office in Walton-on-Thames.  These courses run regularly throughout the year. In addition you’ll be able to shadow a successful franchisee to see how they run their schools.

Can I own a franchise if I have no performing arts background?

Yes. Franchisees do not need to have any specific qualifications or experience, just a passion for performing arts education. As Principal, you will be responsible for the overall standards and creative content within your schools alongside the management of your teachers.

Do I need business experience to become a Stagecoach franchisee?

Experience in customer service and day-to-day business management is essential. You do not however need to have experience of running your business. We’re looking for passionate and motivated people with the right level of financial support to really grow franchises.

Is there additional training if I need it?

Of course. We provide a range of training courses which include staff development workshops, marketing seminars, regional meetings and the annual conference.

Can I open a Stagecoach school in my town?

Only if there is an available franchise territory, or an existing Stagecoach school for sale in the area. Once you’ve completed the online application detailing out your preferred location, we’ll be in touch to share free areas. Alternatively, call all our Head Office on 01932 254333 for more information.

How do I find out which areas are available?

Once you have submitted an online enquiry, we will let you know the nearest areas of opportunity to your home postcode.

Do you have existing Stagecoach schools for sale?

Yes, we often have schools for resale. A full list is available upon request.

Why do people sometimes sell their Stagecoach schools?

There are many reasons why people move on from Stagecoach. The most common circumstances are retiring or relocating. Much of our franchisee network have however been with us for many years, some for decades. We’re thrilled that so many franchisees stay for so long.

Do I need a up to date DBS?

All Stagecoach Principals and teachers need a valid and up to date DBS certificate (Disclosure and Barring Service) and we will support you to arrange this during the recruitment process.

Are there any other qualifications that I would need as a Principal?

All Stagecoach Principals are required to have a first aid qualification specifically for children and we can support you in arranging a course.  Organisations such as the Red Cross and St Johns Ambulance regularly run such courses across the UK.

Can I job share?

Unfortunately you cannot share your role with another person. You must attend every Stagecoach session as named Principal (franchisee).  All Stagecoach Principals must make a commitment to attend their schools personally at all times. Of course exceptions can be made if you’re unwell or there are unforeseen circumstances.

Do I have to be present for every school class?

Yes. The principal should be present for every Stagecoach session wherever possible, however alternative arrangements can be made in extenuating circumstances.

Do the Stagecoach schools run during the holidays?

All schools take place during term time, with a break for Easter, Summer and Christmas.  There is some flexibility around exact term dates and Stagecoach schools can run during half terms.  During the school holidays you are encouraged to run workshops and other events.

Can I teach at the school if I am the Principal (franchisee)?

Stagecoach Principals are not permitted to teach. The role of a Principal in the school is to maintain quality and safety standards and therefore should always be available if any issues arise.

Can I recruit my own teachers?

Yes, you will need to employ your own staff. Head Office will provide training and advice to support you with this.