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Ella's story: Stagecoach ad star in her own words

By HayleyHenderson

September 02, 2016
Ella's story: Stagecoach ad star in her own words

Ella, aged 14 years, has loved singing ever since she little. She fondly remembers singing along to her favourite songs in the car with her brother when they were on their way to school.

Now, Ella is performing for much bigger audiences, as she’s one of the stars of our nationwide cinema advert.

Once you see her on that stage, we’re sure you’ll agree that Ella is an incredibly talented young lady.

Here is her story.

Like many children, Ella was shy. She didn’t have the confidence to speak up when she wanted to, or even to introduce herself to someone she didn’t know. However, she wanted that to change, so she decided to try something new.

“We found Stagecoach. On my first day there, everyone was really welcoming and really kind,” she says. “And all of the teachers were really good as well.”

This marked the start in her journey enrolling at Stagecoach Braintree. At Stagecoach, not only was she able to improve her singing ability, her confidence grew too. As Ella explains, those nervous moments just before you’re about to perform don’t go away, but seeing people’s reactions makes it all worthwhile.

"I think the worst part is the silence before you perform - those few seconds of setting up and preparing yourself,” she notes. “I'm really nervous because I don't know whether anyone's going to like what I'm actually singing.

"When people at the end start clapping and actually being happy and sometimes people cry, but then I feel really confident in myself.”

Being able to elicit an emotional response out of people is an amazing feeling. Thanks to Stagecoach and the experiences it has awarded her, Ella is not so nervous when it comes to social situations.

"Going to Stagecoach, I have more confidence socially, because before I'd be more like 'Oh, should I say this, or should I not say that? Do I just go away?',” she explains. “It then gives me more confidence outside to just go up to someone and say ‘hi’.”

We know that Ella’s confidence will continue to grow with every performance. If you’d like to know more about how we created the advert she stars in, please check out our behind-the-scenes blog