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Creative Courage for Life - Our very First Cinema Advert

By HayleyHenderson

August 22, 2016
Creative Courage for Life - Our very First Cinema Advert

The story behind our Creative Courage for Life advert

As you may have noticed, Stagecoach has undergone a re-brand! Our new tagline ‘Creative Courage for Life’ is exactly what Stagecoach gives every student.

“We’re building a new Stagecoach,” Sarah Kelly, managing director, says. “One which reflects the changing attitudes of modern parents whose focus is more about equipping their children with essential life skills attained through performing arts education.”

Our new cinema advert is a huge part of that rebrand - you may have already seen it before your favourite family films this summer. We’re incredibly proud of it, but most of all, we're proud of the four talented Stagecoach students who star in the advert – Minti, Ella, Harry and Lottie - as they put so much work into it.

We wanted to give our students a chance to see themselves on the big screen for the first time, to hear their inspiring stories in surround sound. It’s a unique opportunity, and the reason why we chose to create a cinema advert.

But how did we come to choose our four stars? Let's take a closer look at how we made our Creative Courage for Life advert. 

Stagecoach students' Time to Shine

We wanted our students to be at the forefront of the new ad campaign, so that we could show that their courage, creativity and unique personalities really come to life when they’re performing. With thousands of Stagecoach students across the country, choosing wasn't going to be easy.

To find our stars, we ran a competition called Your Time to Shine, which was open to all Stagecoach students. More than 1,200 students entered, with each submitting photos and a description of their chosen talent, be it dancing, singing or acting.

More than 650 students were chosen to go through to the next round, and asked to send in a video of their performance. We loved seeing the vast variety of performances and hugely high standards from our students.

Eventually, we managed to whittle the 1,200 entries down to 40, who were then invited to a live audition. We sat and watched as students sang their favourite songs, acted out their most-loved role or performed impressive dance routines.

It was tough, but in the end, just ten lucky students made it into our advert, with three older stars taking lead roles, as their deeply personal stories and stunning performances really captured our hearts. 
Lights, camera and action – the day of the shoot

On March 17th, the crew and stars headed to the impressive Coronet Theatre in London to shoot the advert. It was a tough day, as there was a lot of hard work involved, and a fair bit of waiting around, as there is with all shoots.

Nevertheless, the students were fantastic and performed to the highest standard. It was an amazing experience for them. The day gave them the opportunity to see what working with professionals is like, which will serve them well in future auditions and performances. Parents were glowing with pride, and we were too!

It was a long process spanning four months overall, but we think you'll agree that the end result really was worth it. We love sharing our students’ stories, and it is a real honour to tell Lottie's, Harry's and Ella's, as well as show off Minti’s amazing performance on the big screen.