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Creative Thinking - Why joining a drama class is a VERY good idea...

November 30, 2013
Creative Thinking - Why joining a drama class is a VERY good idea...
Why joining a drama class is a VERY good idea...

Humour me for a moment and think back to yesterday...as you went about your daily routine, did you encounter any problems or slight hitches? Any unexpected obstacles to overcome? You probably did, but instinctively adapted your choices and solved the dilemma without paying too much attention to the way you did it. This is called creative thinking and is an ability we shouldn’t take for granted.

Often there are simple ‘yes and no’ answers to questions but there are times in life when we could consider other possible solutions and come up with new, better ideas. Instead of turning away from an obstacle we ask: can we go around the obstacle? Can we go through it? Just as in art - where a picture can be created in many ways with many colours - so it is with all choices. The more creatively we think - the more choices we have.

This creative thinking lets us solve a problem in a different, more effective way. In real life terms, for example, this skill could mean you work out how to complete a task faster or create a better product.

A great example of creative thinking in action is a modern swimsuit. Whilst looking for ways to help swimmers improve their race times, scientists noticed v shaped ridges on shark skin. They developed a fabric with v shaped ridges which have an effect on the drag of the suit in water and this allowed swimmers to move faster. Most Olympic medallist swimmers now wear suits in this fabric!

Creative thinking is obviously a very valuable skill and the good news is that drama classes allow you to access and improve this skill every single time you go your lesson.

Through drama, children and adults alike can return to a state of mind that is more open. We can go back to a mindset that is ready to ‘play’ with ideas. This open mind gives our imagination and our curiosity the chance to flourish and this paves the way to creative thinking and creative solutions.

By creating and experiencing the right environment each week in your drama class you are setting the groundwork for inspiration. Often, after a little time, a solution to a problem you have been facing may pop into your head. This isn’t magic or coincidence but proof that you have laid the foundations and stirred your thinking enough for inspiration to surface.

One thing is for sure; if we can improve our chances of being inspired by practicing our creative thinking why not start today? Through drama training we can relearn how to think creatively, which can only be a good thing!

Here are the characteristics of a creative thinker, why not see how many you can tick off?
  • Collecting a wide and general knowledge of the world
  • Possessing a curiosity to learn and a desire to understand
  • Keen to socialise and hear others ideas - interested in how others have approached and/or solved a problem Rationalising and having perspective on a task - to see it more clearly and in context
  • Considering the relevance and effectiveness of a solution - having the imagination to consider the impact/outcome of different solutions
  • Researching, observing and exploring the connections between things/ideas and having the confidence to explore the connections
  • Not just being able to remember information but begin to be able to use it
  • Prepared to take time to for reflection - taking time to find out why and how something works so that it can be improved even further (Metacognition)