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Why I stayed at Stagecoach for 15 Years...

By Hayley Henderson

May 13, 2016
Why I stayed at Stagecoach for 15 Years...
My earliest most vivid memory of Stagecoach involves my six-year-old self, marvelling at the talent of the main school students, and asking whether it was possible to stay down a year, in order to move up with a group of my friends. I was nervous; a timid child with very little faith in my abilities on and off stage, however, I persevered, and here I am, fourteen years later, taking part in my final Stagecoach performance, having previously performed at venues including the National Indoor Arena and even Main Street at Disneyland Paris. 
With professional teachers offering expert guidance and sharing their enthusiasm, Stagecoach has enabled my love for Musical Theatre to blossom, alongside my greatly improved ability in acting, dancing and singing, leading to my taking part in several amateur companies, performing a wide variety of productions. I have even taken on several major roles, performing multiple solos, and in 2015 I even took on the role of Director.
The skills I have learnt at Stagecoach are not only applicable within the world of theatre, and the confidence I have gained from the experience has helped me in other areas too; I sailed through my first job interview, gaining the position almost immediately, and last year I became Deputy Head of Jupiter House at Shrewsbury High School, as well as creating and managing my own company with fellow sixth-form students – all of which I’m sure would not have been possible without the advantage Stagecoach has given me. 
I cannot thank Stagecoach enough for the opportunities I have been given, and would implore anyone considering joining to seize the moment immediately!
Elly Clark, 18