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Why it’s important to get the kids out of the house (even if the weather’s bad!)

By Abbey Bagley

March 18, 2015
Why it’s important to get the kids out of the house (even if the weather’s bad!)
Why it’s important to get the kids out of the house (even if the weather’s bad!)

Don’t you just hate it when it’s raining with no sign of stopping? For some reason, in my house the kids’ moods seem to change with the weather.

If it’s sunny my two (a boy and a girl aged 7 and 9) seem to get along just fine. As soon as the rain starts – bam!  Argument after argument with no sign of stopping!

While I might be able to encourage them to build a den in the living room from an old blanket strewn between two chairs, it isn’t long before they’ve grown bored of that.  Board games end in tears, there’s nothing on TV and I don’t have enough flour to bake a cake with them.

I then get snappy which leads to more tears and tantrums and suddenly the whole day is ruined.
The simple truth is, kids need to get out of the house, even when the weather’s bad.  No… especially when the weather’s bad!  They need a safe and secure place where they can run around with a bunch of friends. 

All children need a chance to let off steam, be boisterous and have fun.  Not only will the exercise lift their spirits (and mine) and stop them being grumpy, it will also make them healthier and help them sleep more soundly at night.

It’s also important that they interact with other children of the same age.  They need to learn how to communicate, negotiate and, as Woody the cowboy says in Toy Story… ‘play nice’.

It doesn’t matter what age your children are, they’ll benefit from a change of scenery.  My sister has resorted to mild bribery to get her son away from the latest computer game (offers of a calorie-laden cake from the local café always go down well!)  But surely he’d have more fun if he was with a group of friends in a safe environment, having the right kind of fun!? 

OK, no-one really wants to play outside in the rain, so what are the alternatives?  I got talking to a friend of mine who asked me to really think about what I wanted for my children.

I want my children to be safe, have fun, run around, make friends and maybe learn a thing or two at the same time.

So, what’s the answer?  She told me about her local Stagecoach Theatre Arts school which caters for children aged from four up to 18.  It sounded good so I signed up for a two week free trial.   My children love it.  They now attend every week and in the holidays where they learn how to sing, dance and act.  They’ve already made lots of new friends and I can see them growing in confidence before my very eyes.

And best of all?  They have something positive, fun and productive to do on a rainy day.  Happy days!