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What Next After Exam Results?

By Harriet Davis

August 11, 2015
What Next After Exam Results?
OK, it’s fair to say that my 16 year old daughter and I have spent the summer trying to forget that GCSE results day will be here very soon!

Eighteen year olds are due to get their A Level results on Thursday August 13th (August 4th if you live in Scotland), while the GCSE results are out a week later on August 20th.

Of course it goes without saying that we hope our teens do well, but I keep telling myself that it’s also important to remember that it isn’t the end of the world if their results come up short. 

Studying doesn't suit everyone and some youngsters may find they have an aptitude for subjects they haven’t officially studied yet. 

The good news when it comes to my daughter is that she has a brilliant support network at her local Stagecoach Theatre Arts school where she can talk to older students who have all managed to get through results day and forge ahead with fun and fulfilling lives.

Some have gone on to study A Levels, others are heading for university or undertaking vocational courses at college. There are also students who are looking at getting a job, an internship or taking a gap year.

The one thing they all have in common is a confidence and ability to present themselves well when it comes to whatever they decide the next stage is going to be in their lives. By the time they reach their teens, most of the Stagecoach youngsters have a go-getting attitude and confidence which puts them above other candidates when it comes to interviews.

The difference in confidence between the children who attend Stagecoach and those who do not is pretty remarkable. My daughter and her friend worked out one evening that they needed to get part-time jobs through the summer so they could go out for the occasional meal and buy some clothes. They put together their CVs and made a plan to go out and get a job!

My husband and I gave our daughter a bit of interview practice to prepare her for those ‘tricky’ questions, and off she went. She handed out 30 CVs to local businesses and ended up with an interview which resulted in her landing a job as a barista in a well-known coffee chain.

Although she was nervous in the interview, she spoke confidently and her interviewers were impressed that she was unfazed by the prospect of creating coffees in front of a queue of caffeine-deprived adults. After all, this is a young girl who is happiest when singing and dancing on stage so she will love the performance of creating coffees!

Her friend is slightly lacking in confidence and did not approach the coffee shops. She hopes to gain work in one of the larger supermarkets and is awaiting the results of an online test. We have our fingers crossed as she is a lovely young lady.

I’m always telling my kids “you can go a long way on personality” and it’s fair to say that those Stagecoach kids have tonnes of personality.

Finally, if your child’s results are not what they’ve been hoping for, keep things in perspective and make sure you get some advice.  Teachers, UCAS advisers, parents and older teens can all play a part in supporting you and your teen. 

I wish all parents and teens the best of luck on results day.