A Stagecoach star!

Bella Ramsey, 13, Stagecoach Alumni and star of CBBC’s The Worst Witch and the fiery Lady Mormont of Game of Thrones. Bella was our cpver star for our termly Performer Magazine in the Spring, and she told us about her incredible career – so far!

Q. You went to Stagecoach for seven years. How did that help with your acting career?
A. “The number one thing is that it gave me confidence. And while I was there I could try out lots of different characters and voices. It helped with learning to be versatile.”

Q. What did you enjoy most about going to Stagecoach?
A. “The opportunity to dance and sing as well as act. The sessions were always fun, and the Principal and teachers were very supportive.”

Q. Tell us about auditioning for the part of Mildred Hubble in The Worst Witch.
“It was a very long process. I went through several stages, from a self-tape at a workshop to auditions in London and Manchester, to then, finally, finding out I got the part. It certainly gave me lots of audition experience.”

Q. How did you feel when you heard you’d got the part?
A. “I was really excited. Since it had taken so long, it was good to actually find out. My auntie and cousin were round when we got the phone call and they were really proud. Honestly, I don't cry that much, but I did at this.”

Q. What other professional acting have you done?
A. “I did Game of Thrones, playing Lady Lyanna Mormont, in the sixth season, before this. I was completely new to filming then, because it was my first job.”

Q. What’s do you think is the most important thing to remember when acting?
A. I think you just have to be the character all the time, so focus is really important.”

Q. How do you get into character?
A. “I think like the character would think. I find some traits that are unique to the person I'm playing and then make them my traits for the time leading up to filming.”

Q. How did you prepare for this Mildred Hubble?
A. I read the script through out loud, learned some of the lines and was Mildred for a bit, and then I put it all to one side until I got there. If I'm doing it for every second of my life it wouldn’t be as exciting, so I like to put the character away so that when I next get her out she’s fresh.”

Q. What tips would you give to other young actors?
“Focus, try your best at everything and be respectful to everyone. If you want to start doing TV and film acting, get yourself an agent.”

Q. What does it feel like  seeing yourself on screen?
A. “I'm going to be honest: I don't like seeing myself on screen! I'm like, ‘Oh, no, do I really sound like that?’ And my face always looks weird.”

Catch Bella on Game of Thrones Season 7 from 16th July. Catch her in action here.