Kathryn, 10, from Stagecoach Staines, is currently performing in the musical Annie with Craig Revel Horwood at the Piccadilly Theatre in London. Here, she shares the excitement of treading a West End stage…

Q. How many performances are you in each week?
A. “There are three groups of children and we alternate our performances. I usually do around four shows a week.”

Q. Have you been in anything else before this?
A. “Annie is my West End debut, but I have done lots of Stagecoach productions and some other shows with a local theatre company.”
Q. Tell us a bit about the part.
A. “In the show, I play the part of Duffy, one of the lead orphans. We live in an orphanage in New York, headed by the dreadful Miss Hannigan. Duffy wears dirty clothes, has shabby hair and looks horrible. I have quite a few lines, which weren’t hard to learn, but I have to put on an American accent, which is the tricky bit!”

Kathryn (playing Duffy in Annie) is far right. The others are, from left, Dora Yolland (Tessie), Nicole Subebe (Molly), Maisie Thorn (Kate), Ruby Stokes (Annie), Charlotte Ross-Gower (Pepper) and Nancy Allsop (July)

Q. How did you get the part?
A. “I was offered the opportunity to audition through the Stagecoach Talent Agency.”

Q. What did you have to do for your audition?
A. “My audition was in several stages. First, we were asked to sing a short song of our choice and wait for a recall. For the recall, we were sent two songs to learn and a script to read, which I practised every day with my mum. There was also a dance session, but the hardest part of the audition was waiting for the final results!”

Q. How did you feel when you were told you’d got the part?
A. “I was over the moon when Mum told me, and felt really lucky and proud of myself.”
Q. Tell us about the first time you went out in front of an audience.
A. “Actually being on stage in the West End is really cool. I was a bit nervous, but at the same time excited to show the audience what we’d been learning for so long. Once you’ve done it a few times, it becomes easy and fun to do.”

Q. What do you enjoy most about being in Annie?
A. “The best thing is that I’ve made loads of friends and learned lots of new things from the other cast members.”

From left, Nicole Subebe (Molly), Maisie Thorn (Kate), Dora Yolland (Tessie), Ruby Stokes (Annie), Kathryn (Duffy), Charlotte Ross-Gower (Pepper) and Nancy Allsop (July)

Q. How did Stagecoach prepare you for this?
A. “I’ve been going to Stagecoach for six years and it’s really boosted my confidence. I learn singing, dancing, acting and other skills there.”

Q. What’s your favourite thing about Stagecoach?
A. “It’s fun and a happy place to learn without too much pressure. My Principal, Natasha, and my teachers always help us to be ourselves and have fun whatever we’re doing.”

Kathryn will be in Annie until 6 January 2018.
It’s currently booking until 18 February 2018 at London’s Piccadilly Theatre 0844 871 7630 www.anniemusicaltickets.co.uk.