How do I apply?
Just visit the Stagecoach Education booking page.

Where is the course held?
The ADPA Teaching courses are take place in Woking, Surrey.

Who is eligible to attend the Course?
Anyone from 18 years upwards who has a proven interest and experience in the performing arts and working with children and young people. 

What happens after I have paid my deposit and made a booking?
Stagecoach will email you confirmation of your booking and prepare you with further information about the course. 

Is the course academic?
Not in the formal sense. It is largely practical in nature, with emphasis on workshops, tutor-led lectures, discussions, teaching observation and creative musical theatre sessions. You will be required to draw up written lesson plans, collate a portfolio and take part in a Viva Voce (discussion) with the examiner. 

Is previous teaching experience a requirement?
No, not necessarily to pass Unit One. However if you have not taught before you will be required to gain 20 hours minimum of teaching experience before you sit the final diploma examination - Unit Two. (For further advice please contact the Education team

Do I need to bring anything with me?
Writing materials and comfortable clothing. Many past students have brought laptops with them and resources that they plan to use in their teaching such as backing tracks, props or printed materials.

What support will I receive during the course?
Individual support from the course leader with regular tutorials. 
Please contact our Education team on 01932 254 333 or email Someone will get back to you as soon as possible to help you with your queries.