How do I apply?
Visit the Stagecoach Education and Learning Directory and booking page
Where is the ADPA programme held?
The ADPA Teaching programme is fully online via Zoom sessions, webinars and Google Hangouts.
Who is eligible to attend the programme?
Delegates should be 18 years upwards and proficient in at least one of the performance arts; singing, dance or acting. This would be at least Level 3 standard (A-level, BTEC or Grade 8). 
We welcome delegates from all areas of performing arts teaching and from countries other than the UK. Please note that the facilitation and accompanying guidance is in English. 
What happens after I have paid my deposit and made a booking?
Stagecoach will email you confirmation of your booking and prepare you with further information about the course. 
Is previous teaching experience a requirement?
Not necessarily although you will require a placement in a setting so that you can fullfill the assessment requirements, 
What support will I receive during the programme?
Individual support from your own mentor - and the Education and earning Team will guide you all the way to completion. 
Please contact our Education team at [email protected] if you have further questions.