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Main School - Classes for 6-18 yrs

Main Schools
Our Main Schools, which are suitable for kids aged 6-18 years, run every week during term time at the weekends and evenings. Split into groups of similar age ranges each group rotates, learning an hour of acting, an hour of drama and an hour of dance. Groups are trained by experienced teachers, who are professional choreographers, performers, directors or musicians.

Students should be prepared for registration, timetables, uniform, regular attendance and occasional homework - lyrics, text, etc.

In addition you will find...
  • Exciting dance choreography in a variety of styles including street dance, hip hop, musical theatre and jazz.
  • Creative drama gaining essential skills in improvisation, character building, story telling and vocal projection
  • Singing lessons to improve technique, vocal range and clarity through a variety of different singing styles for musical theatre, pop, rap, opera, folk etc.
  • A fun environment in which to make new friends
Add to that, presentations, awards, a free subscription to 'Young Performer' magazine and being part of the largest and longest established network of theatre arts schools in the world.

Teacher Testimonials

'Teaching at Stagecoach taught me that even the most shy and introverted children can be slowly taught to feel confident enough to step out of their comfort zone and take risks physically, vocally and, most importantly, emotionally. As a school drama teacher I have seen Stagecoach students improve in their normal school environments in as little as one term. As well as improving the confidence of the more timid members of the groups, I have also enjoyed watching the more confident members of each class hone their technical skills and become better all round performers.'
David Bird - Drama Teacher.

'My time as a dance teacher for Stagecoach was always enjoyable. From the start of term meeting new students to the end of term presentation. Seeing the progression not only as dancers and performers but as confident youngsters and being a part of that made my job all worthwhile.
Not only do the children receive quality training but gain lifetime friendships; it's a wonderful thing to see.'
Laura Smith - Dance Teacher.

'At both the Stoke-on-Trent and Uttoxeter schools the children are positively and passionately nurtured to grow as performers. I have particularly noticed the effect it has on their social skills, making them more confident and focused. I believe that a background in performing is useful for any career that the young people might eventually undertake, as they are more rounded and assured individuals. In my drama sessions, I work towards improving the speaking voice, focus skills and creativity. Allowing all the students the opportunity to analyse other people's work, and, at times, to take on leadership roles. The sessions are fun, energetic and structured in a way that progress is continually made.'
Victoria Gotham - Drama Teacher.
What We Do

Stagecoach Theatre Arts has been nurturing and developing young people's potential for over 21 years.
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Main School
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